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Because we have a family of special-needs cats and dogs living in our home, over the years we've located a variety of online resources in such areas as pet emergencies and first aid, adoptions, traveling with cats and dogs, bereavement, health and behavior problems, and so on. This web site provides links to online information and resources for (1) cats, dogs, horses, and other companion animals; (2) special-needs animals; and (3) therapy, guide, hearing, and other service, working, or assistance animals. [For those interested, I also maintain a companion web site containing the photographs and stories some remarkable special-needs cats and dog, which is at]

  1. General Animal Resources provides links to online resources in the following areas:
  2. The section on Special-Needs Animals provides links to online resources in these areas:
  3. The section on Therapy, Guide, Hearing, and other Service, Working, or Assistance Animals provides links to online resources for those animals.

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It's possible that you were looking for another web site in this series. Here are links to those 3 sites:

Please follow this link to the site providing photographs and stories about a family of special-needs dogs and cats.

Please follow this link to the site providing full-text articles in psychology (from journals such as American Psychologist, Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, etc.) and other resources in psychology.

Please follow this link to the site with information and resources regarding accessibility and disability.

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