Dietary Needs & Concerns

Welcome to the ‘Dietary Needs & Concerns’ section of This page is dedicated to providing cat owners with expert advice and evidence-based information on various feline dietary needs and concerns. Whether you’re dealing with specific health-related dietary requirements or looking for guidance on the best nutrition for your cat, we’ve got you covered.

Credibility and Qualifications:

The ‘Dietary Needs and Concerns’ section of is curated and overseen by a team of esteemed experts in feline nutrition and veterinary science.

This team is led by Oliver Purrington, DVM, a veteran veterinarian with specialized training in pet nutrition and Laura Tailor, DVM, MS, a recognized authority in veterinary nutrition. Their collective experience spans decades in veterinary practice, emphasizing feline health and dietary management.

Professional Background:

  • Oliver Purrington, DVM: Purrington brings to the table a rich blend of clinical experience and academic prowess. He graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where he honed his expertise in animal health and nutrition. He is known for his integrative approach to pet care, combining conventional veterinary treatment with advanced nutritional strategies.

  • Laura Tailor, DVM, MS: With a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Edinburgh and a Master’s in Clinical Animal Nutrition, Tailor’s expertise is particularly focused on dietary therapy and nutritional science. Her research and practice have significantly contributed to understanding and managing cat diets, especially for those with special health needs.

Approach to Content:

  • The information provided in this section is rooted in the latest scientific research and best practices in feline nutrition. Every piece of content, from articles on specific dietary needs to in-depth food comparisons, is meticulously reviewed and validated by our experts to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • The team prioritizes clear, understandable, and actionable advice, making complex nutritional information accessible to all cat owners, regardless of their prior knowledge.