FTC Policy

In compliance with the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, Catanddoghelp.com is obliged to disclose any relationships with product manufacturers, service providers, or training providers that we review or link to on our website.

This disclosure aims to provide transparency regarding any affiliations that may exist, ensuring our readers are well-informed about our connections with the products or services mentioned on our platform.


At Catanddoghelp.com, we adhere to a stringent set of guidelines to ensure the integrity of our content, particularly when it comes to product reviews and affiliate links:

  1. We only recommend products or services that we believe will add value to our readers.
  2. Any product review or recommendation is based on our honest opinions and experiences.
  3. When an affiliate link is provided, it will be clearly indicated to our readers.
  4. Our relationship with affiliate programs does not influence the honesty of our reviews.

Product Reviews

Our reviews reflect a genuine assessment of the products or services featured on Catanddoghelp.com.

Most of the products we review are either currently in use by our team, or have been used in the past, ensuring an authentic firsthand experience.

In cases where a product has not been personally used by our team, it will be clearly stated in the review.

Our aim is to provide a true representation of the effectiveness and quality of the products, aiding our readers in making informed decisions for their furry companions.

Affiliate Commissions

When you click on a link within our site to view a product that we have reviewed, and proceed to make a purchase from the vendor’s website, we may earn a commission.

These commissions help support the operations of Catanddoghelp.com, allowing us to continue providing valuable content to our readers.

It’s important to note that these commissions come at no additional cost to you and do not influence our review process or recommendations in any way.

Review Compensation

We uphold a policy of honesty and transparency in our reviews, which means we do not accept any form of compensation from manufacturers, advertisers, or affiliates in exchange for favorable reviews.

Our assessments are based on the actual performance and quality of the products or services, ensuring that our readers receive unbiased and genuine recommendations.

User Comments

We value the opinions and experiences shared by our readers on Catanddoghelp.com.

All comments left by visitors on our site reflect their personal opinions and not necessarily the views of Catanddoghelp.com.

We encourage an open dialogue and appreciate readers who take the time to share their experiences and reviews of products, as it helps provide a broader perspective for other readers making purchasing decisions.

Relationship Disclosure

It’s essential for our readers to understand the affiliate relationship between Catanddoghelp.com and the product manufacturers or owners.

If a purchase is made via a link from our website to the manufacturer’s website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

However, if you visit the manufacturer’s website directly without using our link, no commission is earned. We hope that if our site and reviews have been helpful in guiding your purchase decision, you’ll support us by using our link.

Special Disclaimer

While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information in our publications, the performance and effectiveness of products may be subject to changes due to new laws or revisions.

Hence, we advise proceeding with caution and consulting with appropriate professional advisors before implementing any strategies or treatments suggested on Catanddoghelp.com.

Our materials are intended for instructional purposes only and should not replace professional advice.

Material Connections

It’s imperative to disclose any material connections we may have with endorsers or advertisers as per the FTC guidelines.

If there is a material connection, such as compensation or provision of free promotional materials to endorsers, it will be clearly disclosed.

Our readers deserve transparency and we aim to provide that by openly communicating any relationships that may influence endorsements on Catanddoghelp.com.