Discover 7 Best Skinny Cat Tree for Small Spaces!

Discover the Best Skinny Cat Tree for Small Spaces!

Cat trees have become an essential item for cat lovers wanting to enrich their furry friend’s environment.

Offering climbing, scratching, and lounging opportunities, they cater to the natural behaviors of cats.

However, not everyone has the luxury of ample living space, especially in the city.

Here’s where the slim-profiled ‘skinny cat tree’ steps in, an innovative solution for space-challenged pet owners, renters, and anyone looking to save space.

This modern cat tree tower, known as the PetFusion Narrow Climbing Tower, offers your cat so much surface for scratching, even in a small living space.

It mounts to the wall to improve stability and entice your cat to start scratching.

Two sisal scratching posts are also tall enough to allow your kitty to fully stretch, making it the perfect addition to any cat-friendly home.

Urban centers are seeing a surge in pet ownership, with a notable boost in the number of city dwellers welcoming cats into their compact living quarters.

With living space at a premium, accommodating a feline’s needs can be challenging. Statistics reveal that in densely populated areas, a significant proportion of households, often more than 50%, include pets.

The skinny cat tree is a response to this upward trend, offering a practical option that fits perfectly into minimal floor plans.

Jenna, living in a snug downtown studio, solved her space dilemma with a skinny cat tree, giving her tabby Whiskers a playful zone and keeping her apartment tidy.

When choosing such a tree, prioritize stability, durability, and safe materials, striking a balance between your cat’s fun and your space constraints.

7 Top Skinny Cat Trees

We’ve scoured the market to find the dreamiest skinny cat trees designed for snugger spaces.

Whether you’re in a cozy apartment or simply need something more streamlined to keep your furry friend entertained, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready for the skinny on the best options out there—no fluff, just the tall and narrow of it, perfect for your cat’s zoomies.

#1 PETEPELA Cat Tower

skinny cat tree

If your feline friend craves vertical space and you’re tight on square footage, this PETEPELA Cat Tower is a match made in heaven.

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Just finished setting up my CATEPELA Cat Tower, and boy, does it blend seamlessly into my living room!

With its height stretching majestically up to the ceiling, it’s like a cat skyscraper that doesn’t gobble up your precious floor space—a win for you and a thrilling adventure for your furry acrobat.

You’ll appreciate how it barely nudges into the room, occupying a modest 17.3 by 9.8-inch footprint.

Even in my small apartment, it slotted in perfectly, showing that good things do come in tall, skinny packages.

The soft beige tone is an aesthetic charm —it complements the décor rather than clashing with it.

Now, let’s talk sturdiness because wobbly cat trees are a major no-no. Those thickened posts are sturdy enough for energetic kittens and svelte adults alike.

While the tree claims to be a haven for all your kittens’ antics, consider your cat’s size.

My petite tabby is in heaven atop the plush round bed, but I’m not sure it would hold the local cat heavyweight champ.

Trying it out, I found assembly was a piece of cake. If you’re like me and break out in a sweat at the thought of DIY projects—fear not.

Clear instructions had me from unboxing to the final triumphant ‘ta-da’ in less time than it takes to drink my morning coffee.

Plus, the incorporated ball toy means I got to enjoy my coffee hot while my kitty was preoccupied with her new hunting practice.

In short, the PETEPELA Cat Tower from Amazon is the personal high-rise your feline has been dreaming of, and you get the added bonus of scratch-free furniture from Etsy seller FlatForPet.

Sure, your Maine Coon might give the top perch a pass, but for the average-sized cat, this tree is a solid investment in their happiness and your peace of mind.

Plus, with free shipping available on eligible orders shipped by Amazon, it’s easier than ever to give your cat the ultimate luxury with the PETEPELA Cat Tower.

#2 ROYPET Skinny Cat Tree

ROYPET Skinny Cat Tree

If you’re on the prowl for a space-friendly cat tree that pampers your feline friend, the ROYPET Skinny Cat Tree might just hit the mark.

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Upon my latest jaunt into the world of cat furniture, I found the ROYPET Skinny Cat Tree a true delight for compact spaces.

Just the other day, I nestled this slender tower into a snug nook by the window, and wouldn’t you know it, my cat was atop it in a heartbeat, ruling her domain with regal poise.

The first thing you’ll appreciate is the tree’s minimal footprint. You know every inch counts, especially if you’re a fellow apartment dweller.

Despite its lean stature, this cat tree doesn’t skimp on amenities. The plush hammock became the chosen spot for my cat’s lazy Sunday snoozes.

The peeking condo offered a secure hideaway, perfect for those mid-day catnaps.

With plenty of space for your cat to explore, the ROYPET Skinny Cat Tree is the perfect addition to any small living space, helping to reduce odors with its litter box furniture piece.

Additionally, the magnetic closures on the litter box doors help keep things tidy and reduce odors for a more pleasant living environment.

My furry companion wasted no time making the top platform her lookout point. Although, while she’s been light on her paws, it did give me pause—literally.

When she leapt, the tree swayed with her enthusiasm. It prompted me to secure it against the wall for added peace of mind, a small tweak that made a huge difference.

With cozy faux fur underpaw and tough jute for her scratching sessions, my cat’s been living the high life—43.3 inches high, to be precise.

Yet, for those concerned with the gyration of this cat tree during fervent play, considering a little DIY reinforcement could be the order of the day.

Meanwhile, for anyone who’s not a fan of flat-pack assembly, fear not!

Putting this tree together was a walk in the park, a straightforward task completed in mere minutes with the Frisco 72-inch Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo, also known as a “cat condo” or “cat condo.”

In the grand scope of cat furniture, the ROYPET Skinny Cat Tree holds its own, particularly for those of us navigating smaller living spaces.

Through real-world use, I’ve observed its appeal to my own feline friend—a testament to its practical design and user-friendly features.

Just remember, while it’s not the widest or sturdiest option available, with a bit of adjustment, it could very well be the perfect addition to your cat’s leisure repertoire, especially for senior cats.

#3 PAWS & Rest Cat Tree

PAWS & Rest Cat Tree

If providing your cat with a secure, stimulating environment where it can exercise and relax is crucial to you, then the PAWS & Rest Cat Tree might just tick all the boxes.

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When we first got our paws on this towering feline playground, our whiskered friends couldn’t wait to explore.

They were zipping up and down those levels like there was no tomorrow, chasing each other with that gleam in their eye that only a prime spot at the top can bring.

Now, while this skyscraper for kitties claims a respectable height, touching the heavens – or at least your ceiling – it’s not just about the altitude; it’s the journey there that has our furballs fascinated.

Every level offers a new vantage point, a chance for your cat to survey its kingdom from on high.

However, it’s not all purrs and cuddles. To ensure this cat tree stands tall and doesn’t sway with the bravado of your cat’s acrobatic displays, a solid installation is key.

I had to recruit a friend to help me set it up, but the shared laughter made it a bonding experience.

Once in place, my living room didn’t lose an inch of elegance, and the slim profile of this cat tree blended in rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

In all honesty, seeing our kitten snuggle in the basket, with the older cats serenely perched like stoic lions, it’s evident the PAWS & Rest Cat Tree is more than a piece of pet furniture – it’s a statement of care, a testament to the joy we wish upon our feline companions.

#4 Cozy Climber

Cozy Climber

If you’re looking to pamper your petite feline friend with a playground that’s just the right size, the Cozy Climber is your go-to choice.

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Just finished setting up the Cozy Climber in my apartment and I’ve got to say, the streamlined design is a perfect fit for my living space.

It’s as though it was made with small apartments in mind, seamlessly blending into the corner without taking up too much room.

As I watch my little furball, Mittens, dart up to the hammock, it’s clear she’s taken to her new spot instantly.

Mittens is not a fan of the hair-shedding fabrics typically found on cat trees, so it’s a relief to see her nestling into the Cozy Climber without any fur flying away.

The fabric quality feels superior, promising durability and an end to my lint roller days.

Plus, the one-year warranty gives me peace of mind knowing that if Mittens gets a bit too frisky, a replacement hammock is just a call away.

I need to talk about the stability though – there’s a bit of wobble when Mittens leaps onto it, especially as my floor is carpeted.

However, I reckon a few strategic weights at the base could fix that easily.

The size of the beds is another point to consider; they’re cozy now, but I’m slightly concerned about how well they’ll suit her as she continues to grow.

They’re perfectly snug for now, making for a pleasant kitty retreat.

#5 PETEPELA Cat Tower


If your furball needs entertainment and comfort rolled into one chic package, the PETEPELA Cat Tower delivers with finesse.

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Ever have one of those days where you just want to climb somewhere high and survey your kingdom? Well, I bet your kitty does!

Recently, I set up the PETEPELA Cat Tower and watched as my cat became the ruler of his cozy new roost.

This cat tree is a treat for the eyes and a sanctuary for your purring friend. With its beige wood aesthetic, it looks more like a piece of modern furniture than a cat tower.

Your cat’s adventurous spirit will thank you. Jumping from level to level, they’ll keep active and stay out of mischiefs—well, mostly out of mischief.

Each platform teases their natural climbing instincts, and the little drill hole? That’s the perfect spot for a game of hide and seek!

Top it all off with a good scratch. Yes, those scratching posts aren’t just for show; they save your furniture from becoming a claw sharpening station.

And when it’s time for a siesta? That top-groove perch is like a hammock for cats, enveloping them in sheer bliss.

Just a heads-up, you might want to keep it steady. For cats that have a need for speed, a bit of wobble might be noticeable during their daredevil stunts.

But nothing a little wall anchoring can’t fix. It’s all worth it when you see your feline friend sprawled out, purring, and sending you those eyes of gratitude. Who knew a cat tree could be such a win-win?

#6 PAWZ Road Cactus Cat Tree

PAWZ Road Cactus Cat Tree

If you want to keep your kitty entertained without taking up too much floor space, this is a climber’s paradise you shouldn’t pass up.

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Cats love to climb— it’s in their DNA. Imagine gifting your little adventurer the PAWZ Road Cactus Cat Tree, a quirky and vertical outlet just for them!

Over the last week, I’ve seen my own two rascals leap, nap, and scratch to their hearts’ content on the PAWZ Road Cactus Cat Tree’s paw frond perches, ramp, and condo.

This cat tower is a space-saver, which means you won’t be tripping over it every other step—super important in my cozy apartment.

Your guests can’t help but comment on the cactus shape, vibrant green pops against neutral room colors—sure to draw both kitty and human eyes. Just perfect if you’re gunning for Instagram-worthy shots of your feline friend.

Picture your cat basking in the hammock with the sun flitting across their whiskers—pure bliss! As a pet parent, seeing your furball snuggled up and snoozing after a robust climb is oh-so-rewarding.

The dangling balls provide an endless source of feline fun, while the sisal covered posts are like a spa for kitty claws. My cats certainly took their scratching sessions there instead of my beloved couch.

They’re having a ball during playtime and, honestly, so am I.

Remember, even though it’s sturdy, the PAWZ Road Cactus Cat Tree might require some reinforcement if your cats are acrobats or on the heftier side.

Assembling it is a breeze, but once it’s up, give it a good shake to test the stability. After ensuring it’s as steadfast as a saguaro, sit back and watch the cat-antics unfold.

Keep those sparrows safe on your windowsill, though—your cats might just believe they’re closer to catching them from the top of this kitty skyscraper!

#7 PEQULTI Cat Haven


If you’re after a cat tree that scores big on both function and style, the PEQULTI Cat Haven could be your match.

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When you first assemble the PEQULTI Cat Haven, you can’t help but appreciate the hassle-free experience.

Setting up is a breeze, thanks to the uniform posts – everything fits where it should, and the result is a smooth, climbable structure for your cat.

Picture your big kitty lounging comfortably on the wide perch, peering down at their kingdom. This sturdy concoction holds up well, even with a more ‘robust’ feline basking on its top tier.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Your cat’s wild instincts get a treat with 100% sisal-covered posts ready to take a beating from those eager claws.

Yes, your furniture can breathe a sigh of relief as your cat finds a new favorite scratch spot.

However, let’s be real – the mighty leap of a hefty furball may cause a wobble. Think of it as a cat-induced earthquake drill for the tree.

You may want to anchor it to prevent any toppling, especially if you have an acrobat at home.

Also, while the condo invites your cat in for some privacy, a ‘larger-than-life’ cat might find the space a bit snug.

Keep this in mind if your feline friend is on the bigger side of fluffy.

In essence, the PEQULTI Cat Haven is like that reliable friend – always there, sturdy and steadfast, offering comfort and playful moments for your cat. Sure, it has small quirks, but don’t we all?

Your cat will probably be too busy enjoying their new favorite spot to notice anyway!

Understanding the Appeal of Skinny Cat Trees

Understanding the Appeal of Skinny Cat Trees

Let’s face it, your adorable feline friend deserves an exciting playground, but in a cramped city apartment, every inch counts. That’s where the slim yet sturdy skinny cat tree comes in to save the day!

  • Space-Saving Design:

    With floor space at a premium, a skinny cat tree takes up minimal square footage.

    Its vertical orientation maximizes your pet’s play area without sprawling across the living room. Now you can stop playing hopscotch over pet toys and furniture!
  • Stylish and Functional:

    These trees are not just about saving space; they are a chic addition to your decor.

    Picture a sleek, modern skinny cat tree that complements your minimalist style—yes, pet furniture can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing!

Not convinced yet? Check out these perks tailored just for you and your feline:

Benefits for Urban Cat OwnersDescription
EfficiencyUtilizes vertical space, enhancing your cat’s environment without clutter.
Aesthetic AppealContemporary designs harmonize with your modern home decor.
Cat Health and HappinessEncourages exercise, climbing, and scratching; essential for an indoor kitty’s well-being.

With the combination of form and function, you’ll notice how these slender beauties blend seamlessly into your living area.

Imagine your cat perched atop, reigning over their domain with a bird’s eye view—happy cat, happy life, right?

So next time you find yourself navigating your snug urban jungle, remember the skinny cat tree isn’t just another pet accessory; it’s an ingeniously designed space-saver that keeps both your cat and your interior design on point.

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Skinny Cat Tree

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Skinny Cat Tree

When on the hunt for a skinny cat tree, brand reputation and design aptness are key. Have you heard of PetFusion and FEANDREA?

They head the pack when it comes to crafting slender cat trees that offer your feline friend the perfect vertical playground without overcrowding your space.

Let’s peek at materials, shall we? Your cat deserves the best, so let’s talk wood—solid wood. (1)

Unlike particle board, it’s the sturdier option and will survive the ventures of the most adventurous climbers. Plus, it just feels richer, right?

Here’s a quick Brand and Material breakdown:

BrandMaterial UsedNotable Features
PetFusionSolid WoodMulti-level, modern
FEANDREASolid WoodSturdy, with hammock

Now, imagine a cat tree that understands cats. You want staggered platforms for leaping and a cozy cubby for spying, or shall I say, catnapping.

Both PetFusion and FEANDREA integrate these features into their designs, acknowledging your cat’s natural instincts to climb and hide.

Consider this:

  • PetFusion offers lean models with that chic, modern aesthetic. They often incorporate sisal posts for scratching and soft platforms for lounging.
  • FEANDREA, on the other hand, presents a robust variety with added comfort, such as hanging hammocks that swing cats right into their dreamland.

In your search, balance the allure of a stylish piece against the practical aspects that cater to your cat’s whims. You’re looking for a cat tree that fits your home like a glove, right?

Remember, durability, cat-friendly design, and a blend of fun and function are the trifecta for feline satisfaction in high-rise living. Your cat is royalty, and their tree is their castle!

Integrating Skinny Cat Trees into Your Home

Integrating Skinny Cat Trees into Your Home

Great choice! Let’s get you started on blending this sleek accessory into your living space with style and practicality.

Picking the Perfect Spot:

Think of your cat’s tree as a personal piece of real estate. Cats love a good view, so placing the tree near a window could give your kitty her own cozy lookout point.

These slim trees slot in perfectly, transforming a unused space into a bustling cat corner.

Styling Tips:

  • Match Your Decor:

    Choose a color or pattern that complements your room. A neutral-toned cat tree can blend seamlessly, while a bold color can add a dash of vibrancy.
  • Echo Your Furnishings:

    Is your room filled with modern clean lines or more vintage textures? Select a skinny cat tree that aligns with the vibe—think minimalist designs or plush fabrics.

Maximizing Usability:

Remember, the cat tree isn’t just for your furry friend; it’s part of your home. Think about how it can serve multiple purposes:

  • Vertical Benefits:

    Skinny trees take up less floor space, but ensure it offers vertical tiers or platforms for your cat to climb, nap, and survey her kingdom.

Quick Setup Tips:

  1. Measure Your Space:

    Check the dimensions so your skinny cat tree doesn’t overwhelm the area.
  2. Stability is Key:

    Ensure the base is sturdy so it doesn’t tip during those intense play sessions.
  3. Assembly Simplicity:

    Choose a tree with easy assembly—you and your cat want to start enjoying it ASAP!

With these tips, both you and your cat can enjoy the comfort and functionality of your space-saving cat tree—happy decorating and happy climbing!

Health and Environmental Aspects

Health and Environmental Aspects

Have you ever thought about how your choice of cat tree could affect both your furry friend’s well-being and the planet? It’s something to ponder.

Eco-friendly options are becoming more popular and with good reason. Take brands like PetPals or Go Pet Club, which create stylish cat trees from recycled materials.

This not only reduces waste but also ensures safe and non-toxic finishes for your cat’s daily adventures.

Health benefits for cats cannot be overstated. A study by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior showed that cat trees greatly promote exercise and play a role in reducing stress in indoor cats.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Exercise: Scratching posts and climbing structures provide a full-body workout, keeping your cat agile.
  • Stress Reduction: The height gives a sense of security, which can be especially beneficial in multi-pet households.

Look for cat trees with sturdy bases and plenty of scratching surfaces; these tend to be the cat’s pajamas when it comes to quality and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly FeaturesHealth Benefits
Recycled materialsPromotes exercise
Non-toxic finishesReduces stress

Choosing a cat tree isn’t just about keeping your kitty entertained. It’s about saying, “Hey, I care about your health and our planet’s future.”

So next time you’re shopping for that perfect cat perch, consider the materials used and the tree’s play potential. Your cat and Mother Earth will thank you!

Practical Considerations in Purchasing

Practical Considerations in Purchasing

It’s gotta fit just right! Consider these pointers to snag a cat tree that’s as functional as it is sleek.

User Feedback: What’s the word on the street? Users like you have weighed in, and here’s the scoop:

  • Stability:

    Buyers often mention the importance of a stable base to prevent tipping. Look for models with rave reviews in this area.
  • Durability:

    “My cat thinks it’s a tiger!” How many times have we heard that? Long-lasting materials like solid wood or reinforced cardboard get two paws up.
  • Design:

    Does it blend with your chic decor? Cat trees that double as art pieces are a total hit.
FeatureUser Opinion
StabilityA stable base is highly recommended.
DurabilityStrong materials like solid wood are ideal.
DesignIt should complement your home’s aesthetics.

Most cat trees come with a standard 6-month to 1-year warranty. However, some brands go above and beyond with extended warranties, which can be a real lifesaver.

Hunt for a deal that includes both parts and labor, so you’re covered if Mr. Whiskers goes Godzilla on it.

Remember to check for a responsive customer support team. Got a question? A quick-to-respond team is the dream, ensuring you’re not left hanging like a cat on a shoddy branch.

By choosing smart and thinking like your cat—quick and clever—you’ll land a skinny cat tree that’s the cat’s meow for both your space and your playful pal.

Advanced Features of Skinny Cat Trees

Ever looked at your cat tree and thought, “Could this be even more awesome for my feline friend?” Good news!

With a few advanced add-ons, your skinny cat tree can become the ultimate playground for your cat. Let’s unpack the possibilities.

Modular Designs

  • Customization:

    Your cat’s personality is one of a kind, so why not their cat tree? With modular designs, you can rearrange or add sections—think additional platforms or condos.
  • How to Modify:

    Simply choose compatible modules and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to snap or screw them into place on your existing structure.

Replaceable Scratching Posts

  • Sustainability:

    Cats love to scratch, but that also means worn-out posts. Look for cat trees with replaceable scratching areas to extend the life of the tree.
  • Replacement Tutorial:

    Loosen the screws or bolts holding the old post, remove it, then position the new post and securely tighten it back into place.

Interactive Elements

  • Hanging Toys:

    Keep your cat entertained for hours with toys that dangle from the tree. They can bat, bite, and leap after them.
  • Adding Toys Guide:

    Select toys with secure loops or hooks, attach them to the tree’s arms or platforms, and make sure they’re fastened well so your cat can play safely.

It can truly make a difference, both for the look of your home and your cat’s happiness.

Remember to always ensure any modifications are safe and secure to prevent any wobbly disasters. Happy customizing!

Quick Recap

Quick Recap - skinny cat tree

A skinny cat tree could be the purr-fect fit for your home! Here’s what you might have missed:

  • Space-Saver:

    These slim towers take up less room. Ideal for small apartments or areas where every inch counts, so your kitty can still climb high without cramping your style.
  • Design Matters:

    Modern, sleek, or rustic – find a style that meows to both you and your cat. Remember, the look is important since it becomes part of your home decor.
  • Functionality is Key:

    Ensure it’s not just a tall stick for your cat! It should have scratch posts, perches, and maybe a cozy cubby.
  • Stability:

    Make sure it doesn’t wobble. You wouldn’t want a tipsy tower when your cat leaps on.
  • Materials:

    Durability is a must. Look for quality, such as solid wood or sturdy cardboard.

Questions to Ponder:

  • Can your cat stretch out on the perches?
  • Are the scratching posts made of sisal? Cats love that!

Here’s a snappy list to jog your memory:

Must-HavesWhy Important?
Multi-level perchesMore space for fun activities
Durable scratching postsFor happy claws and a long-lasting tree
Stable constructionNo one likes a cat-astrophe!

Give your whiskered pal the gift of fun without sacrificing your living space. Isn’t it time you both climbed to new heights?

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When you’re in the market for a skinny cat tree, several important features should guide your choice. Let’s walk through them together!

Size and Fit: Measure your space before you start shopping. You want a tree that fits comfortably in your home without taking over the room.

DimensionsBest Fit For
HeightVertical space & cat’s reach
BaseFloor space & stability
PlatformsNumber of cats & their size


Look for durability and comfort. Typically, cat trees are made from wood, covered in fabric like faux fur or carpet, with sisal rope for scratching posts.


Think about your cat’s personality. Do they love to climb high or hide in cozy nooks? Multiple platforms and cubbies are great for climbers and loungers alike.


It should stand up to enthusiastic play. A heavy base will help prevent tipping, which is especially important for taller trees.

Safety & Comfort

Safety first, right? Check that there are no sharp edges or loose parts that might hurt your cat. Also, the surfaces should be easy to climb without slipping.

Ease of Assembly:

Shouldn’t leave you scratching your head. Easy-to-follow instructions and included tools can make a world of difference.

Care & Maintenance:

Cats can be messy, so removable and washable covers are a huge plus for easy cleaning.

Price & Reviews

Price matters, but cheap can be costly if the quality isn’t up to scratch. Peek at reviews to gauge satisfaction and durability over time.

Now you’re all set to select the perfect skinny cat tree for your furry friend! Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to make the most out of a slim space with a cat tree or just want to find the perfect one for your furry friend, you’re in the right place. Here’s the scoop on skinny cat trees!

What are the best brands for skinny cat trees?

When you’re on the prowl for quality, names like Frisco and Go Pet Club stand out.

These brands offer sleek designs that are purr-fect for tight spaces, without forfeiting your kitty’s need to climb and scratch.

How do I choose the right size and design of a skinny cat tree for my small apartment?

Measure your available space and consider your cat’s size and climbing habits. Opt for taller, narrow models with engaging levels and perches.

A stable base is a must to ensure the tree doesn’t tip during a wild cat escapade.

Are there eco-friendly skinny cat trees available?

Absolutely! Look for options made with sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled wood.

Brands such as Pet Pals have some eco-conscious choices that both you and Mother Nature will appreciate.

What materials are safest and most durable for skinny cat trees?

Safety first! Materials like solid wood and engineered wood offer durability.

For the parts your cat will interact with, non-toxic sisal rope and soft yet sturdy carpet fabric are go-to choices for longevity and feline approval.

Can skinny cat trees accommodate multiple cats?

Sure! Many skinny cat trees are multi-layered, with various perches and lounging spots.

Just ensure that each platform can support your cats’ weight and that the tree remains stable under their combined antics.

How do I integrate a skinny cat tree into my home decor?

Today’s cat trees come in various styles and colors, making it easy to match them to your decor.

Look for minimalist or modern designs in neutral colors, or grab a tree with a pop of color to add a fun highlight to your room.


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