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End the Scratching: Top 9 Cat Proof Curtains Revealed

End the Scratching: Top 5 Cat Proof Curtains Revealed

Curtains are an integral part of home decor, not just for their aesthetic value but for their functionality in providing privacy, regulating light, and even insulating a room.

However, for cat owners, conventional curtains can pose a real issue.

Cats, with their instinctual clawing behavior, often treat curtains as climbing frames or scratching posts, which can lead to shredded fabrics and a less-than-ideal living space.

This is where cat-proof curtains come into play; they’re designed to withstand the enthusiastic claws of your feline friends, keeping your home stylish while also being practical for both your curtains and other home accessories.

When it comes to protecting the attractive appearance of your window treatment, the best option is to opt for cat-proof curtains.

For cat owners, selecting the right cat-proof curtains involves choosing from a variety of materials and styles that not only complement home decor but are also durable, non-toxic, and easy to clean, with a focus on heavy-duty fabrics like sunbrella.

Is is made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic, and other options like faux silk or nylon, ensuring the curtains are resistant to clawing and discourage climbing, thereby protecting the home investment and maintaining aesthetic appeal.

9 Top Picks for Cat Proof Curtains

You’re in luck! Here’s a list we’ve curated especially for the cat lovers out there who value both their pets and their home décor.

These cat-proof curtains are designed to withstand your kitty’s climbing sessions, meaning no more tears – in the fabric or from you!

With this selection, you can have the best of both worlds: happy cats and stylish, intact curtains that fit perfectly into your living room decor.

Get ready to enjoy a harmonious home where your drapes stay draped just the way they’re meant to be.

Check out our blog for more tips on how to choose the best cat-proof curtains for your home!

#1 CurtainFresh Sheer Grommets

cat proof curtains

If you’re after curtains that keep your home smelling fresh and add a touch of elegance, these should be at the top of your list!

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CurtainFresh has tailored a real winner for our homes. Over the past few years, I’ve seen plenty of curtains, but these ones really stand out.

The fresh scent that lingered in my living room—even with two adventurous cats around—was nothing short of impressive.

Installing them? A breeze. Their grommet top slid right onto the rod, and just like that, the room’s look was transformed.

Light filtered through the sheer fabric, brightening up the space without compromising my privacy. That’s a delicate balance to achieve, and these curtains nailed it.

Now, they’re not magic. While the odor neutralization is a game-changer, if you burn your popcorn, don’t expect a miracle. But for day-to-day freshness?

Absolutely. They wash up nice and clean, maintain their shape, and are resilient to playful paws—no snags yet.

Overall, they’re a fabulous choice for pet owners looking for a functional and stylish window treatment.

#2 CUCRAF Blackout Curtains

CUCRAF Blackout Curtains

Considering their ability to enhance your room’s comfort and aesthetics, CUCRAF Blackout Curtains are a smart buy.

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Just hung these CUCRAF Blackout Curtains in my living room, and let me tell you, they’re a game-changer!

Their room-darkening feature is effective, allowing me to enjoy my weekend movie marathons without any glare on the screen. Plus, the added privacy means no more worrying about nosey neighbors.

Now, dealing with the summer heat and the chill in winter can be a real hassle, but these curtains have noticeably improved my living space’s insulation.

It’s like they’ve added an extra layer of comfort to the room, keeping it cool on hot days and cozy when it’s cold.

I’ve also got to mention installation; it was a breeze. The rod pocket style meant I could easily slide them onto my existing curtain rod, no fuss, no muss.

And they look pretty sleek, too, fluttering gently whenever there’s a bit of a breeze.

Alright, full transparency – they’re not the cheapest curtains I’ve come across. But considering how well they work and the quality of the material, I’d say they’re worth the extra cash.

Just a heads-up: the color shown online might be a tad misleading. Make sure to consider that before clicking ‘Add to Cart.’ Looking for high-quality, custom curtains?

Look no further than CUCRAF Blackout Curtains!

With free shipping on all orders and 2 panels and 2X fullness included at no additional charge, these curtains are a must-have for any cat owner looking to protect their curtains from their furry friends.

Nevertheless, they live up to the hype in the reviews and offer an upscale look without the premium price tag. If you’re on the fence, I’d say go for it.

After all, who doesn’t like a cozy, private retreat decked out with stylish curtains?

#3 Charming Linen Curtains

Charming Linen Curtains

If you’re aiming to give your space a cozy yet stylish transformation, these MEETBILY curtains might just be your perfect match.

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Just hung these curtains in the guest room, and already, they’re working their charm. The linen texture brings a touch of rustic elegance, blending seamlessly with the room’s modern farmhouse vibe.

They’ve certainly elevated the atmosphere without overwhelming it.

You know how some curtains claim to be ‘linen’? These ones hit the mark. They feel authentic, without the stiffness you might worry about.

Enhanced privacy without sacrificing the soft, natural light that filters through—the best of both worlds, I’d say.

Honestly, the hanging options—a lifesaver. Whether you love the classic rod pocket or the sleek look of clip rings, these got you covered.

And the installation? A breeze. You’ll have those curtains fluttering poetically in no time, adding that cozy hominess we all crave.

These charming linen curtains with added functionality of Sunbrella fabric could be a game-changer for you.

Made with Sunbrella fabric, they are not only stylish but also functional as they can be used in both curtains and window blinds.

Sure, they might need a quick ironing out of the package, and if you’re looking for blackout curtains, keep looking.

But for that blend of privacy, light, and laid-back elegance, these curtains with added functionality of window blinds check off all the right boxes.

#4 ChrisDowa Blackout Curtains

ChrisDowa Blackout Curtains

If you’re craving that pitch-black room for a heavenly sleep, these curtains are your ticket to bliss.

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Apparently, a good night’s sleep was eluding me until I crossed paths with these blackout curtains from ChrisDowa.

Thick enough to plunge my bedroom into darkness even at noon, they’ve become my best ally for those delicious weekend lie-ins.

The charcoal gray hue blends seamlessly with my modern decor—quite the stylish yet functional adornment.

Energy saving? Check. Less noise from the bustling street? Double-check. The efficiency with which they insulate the room is notable.

Although, don’t be fooled; they may feel plush, but these curtains mean business on colder nights, cocooning warmth like a bear in hibernation.

The whole installation was a breeze—the grommets slid smoothly onto my existing rods. Yet I must tip my hat to their sturdiness; they hang with a weight that shouts quality.

Surprisingly, despite their heft, they move with an ease that had me second-guessing their robustness. Still, they held up, just make sure your rods can say the same!

Don’t let the thought of laundry daunt you; they’re machine washable.

Sure, they arrived with a few wrinkles, but isn’t that just an opportunity to break out the iron and experience a small triumph when they hang wrinkle-free afterward?

Besides, once they’re up and doing their job, you’ll forget all about the ironing board’s brief cameo in your life.

If you’re eyeing these curtains, trust me: you won’t just dress your windows, you’ll be upgrading your entire sleep experience.

Would I buy them again? In a heartbeat, for every sleep sanctuary in my home.

#5 Cozy Drapes

Cozy Drapes

If you’re on the hunt for curtains that can stand up to your feline friends while offering peace and darkness, these might just be your new go-to.

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish my cat stopped turning my curtains into their latest claw toy?” Well, your prayers might be answered.

I recently got my paws on these Easy-Going curtains, and my living room has transformed into a serene haven.

Picture this: you’ve just installed your new curtains, and they hang effortlessly, the silver grommets gliding smoothly on the curtain rod.

It’s midday, the sun is at its peak, yet your room basks in a tranquil dimness, all thanks to the curtains’ room darkening and thermal capabilities.

The heavyweight polyester material, along with the option of using velvet or Sunbrella fabric, not only insulates the room from the intrusive outside world but also minimizes noise to a soft hum, balancing the room temperature with cozy thermal curtains both in summer’s heat and winter’s chill.

These cozy drapes are the perfect addition to any room, providing both style and functionality.

Now, be mindful that while the heft of the fabric is commendable, it’s not entirely impenetrable to light, especially if you opt for a lighter shade.

You might notice a gentle glow around the edges, a reminder that the outside world exists, but not enough to disturb your newly curated calm.

For those with wider windows, be ready to grab an extra panel or two — one might not cut it.

Maintenance–talk about a breeze! When sprawling on the couch after a long day, the last thing you want is a lengthy curtain care routine.

Rest easy knowing a swift cycle in the washer with cold water will do the trick, and the iron? It glides across the fabric like skates on ice for a wrinkle-free finish.

Remember, these aren’t your grandma’s lacey window dressings. They come with a modern touch, a variety of colors to match any palette, providing a sleek look that’s undeniably high in quality and softness.

If you’re ready to upgrade to cozy drapes that can withstand the cat storm while profoundly transforming your room’s ambiance, jump in — the water’s fine.

With minimal maintenance required, these curtains are the perfect solution for cat owners looking for a stylish and practical window treatment.

#6 Chic Branches Curtains

Chic Branches Curtains

If you’re aiming to mix elegance with durability in your space, these curtains are a match worth considering.

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Having recently installed the FMFUNCTEX Blue White Curtains in my dining area, their quality immediately stood out.

Perfectly blending in with the natural light, the branch patterns seem to bring the outdoors right into the room.

Unlike the typical flimsy materials that wilt under a cat’s paw, these curtains have endured several climbing adventures unscathed.

The curtains introduced not just a visual treat but a hassle-free experience as well. Sliding them onto the rod was a breeze, thanks to the sturdy grommets.

While I enjoy the soft light filtering through, I’ve noticed that it’s best to pair them with blinds if you’re after more privacy in the evenings when the lights are on.

Care-wise, they’ve proven to be a dream. A run through a cold cycle in the washing machine and a quick tumble dry had them back up and looking as crisp as the day they were unpacked.

It’s a relief not to be dealing with snags or tears after a wash, which is a testament to their build quality.

In essence, these curtains have not only enhanced the aesthetic of my living space but also passed the resilience test against playful pets.

The touch of sophistication to the room’s aura is unmistakable and for anyone who values design and functionality in tandem, these chic branches curtains are the perfect choice.

With a wide range of interior design styles, they are sure to fit seamlessly into any home, making them the ultimate choice for cat proof curtains.

#7 Sun Zero Nordic Blackouts

Sun Zero Nordic Blackouts

If you’re craving a serene sleep and cool shelter from the sun’s glare, these might just be your new best friends.

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Ever when you’ve accidentally overslept on the weekend because your bedroom was just too perfectly dark? With the Sun Zero Nordic curtains, that “accident” can become your new normal.

They’re champions at transforming broad daylight into midnight. Thought your alarm clock was working? Guess again!

Those midday scorching rays are no match either. Feel that delightful coolness? Yeah, that’s the thermal feature hard at work keeping your quarters serene while your AC chills.

And when you eventually do decide to revive your curtains’ freshness, just toss them in the washer. No special trip to the dry cleaners needed.

Ever so occasionally, you may find the Terracotta Orange isn’t your jam, or those grommets resist sliding on your specific rod.

And don’t fret about the creases; with time, those wrinkles will surrender to gravity’s charm.

After a couple of days, they’ll drape with poise and precision, as smooth as your cat’s sly grin when it knows it can’t scale these unclimbable fabric fortresses.

#8 Cozy Linen Drapes

Cozy Linen Drapes

You’ll appreciate how the jinchan Linen Beige Curtain adds effortless elegance to your space while withstanding your curious kitty’s claws.

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You just hung your new jinchan Linen Beige Curtain and the room transforms before your eyes; the rustic charm is undeniable.

Your cat leaps up, pawing at the fabric, but to your relief, the sturdy linen blend withstands the assault. You’ve finally found a solution that marries elegance with practicality.

Morning sunlight spills softly through the semi-sheer curtains, casting a warm glow while providing you the privacy you desire.

The airy lightness adds a touch of nature’s comfort without feeling bare, and your cat can peruse the world outside without making you wince every time she gets a little too enthusiastic.

For added durability and cat-proofing, consider using cozy linen drapes, Roman shades, or vertical blinds instead of traditional horizontal blinds.

Care-wise, you’re set with these curtains. Say goodbye to strenuous cleaning routines. A spin in cold water on a gentle cycle, and they emerge looking fresh-off-the-shelf – that’s a real time-saver.

Remember to quickly iron out any stubborn creases for that crisp, pristine look.

With maintenance this easy, you’re free to enjoy your enhanced living space and ignore the fear of wear and tear from your furry friend.

#9 Cabana Curtains for Cats

Cabana Curtains for Cats

If you’re looking to keep your feline friends from turning curtains into their new favorite toy, these Cabana curtains are a solid choice.

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I breathed a sigh of relief when I switched to these tough, canvas-like cabana curtains—my curtains look great, and the cat’s at bay.

Hanging them was a breeze, thanks to the grommets that slide effortlessly onto the rod. These curtains are not only stylish but also durable, making them worth every penny for cat owners.

Imagine enjoying your indoor or outdoor space in peace, knowing your curtains can handle a splash from the pool or an investigative claw.

These curtains hold up amazingly well against the elements—even in the face of UV rays. Your private oasis stays just that, private, without losing that soft, gentle light we all love.

And while you might need to take an extra minute to spot clean these panels, the trade-off is worth it. They maintain their look beautifully over time.

Pair these curtains with your favorite rod, and transform your space into a serene, stylish, and cat-proof haven.

Remember to measure your rod diameter to ensure a perfect fit—up to 1.25 inches works like a charm. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind, knowing that these curtains are as functional as they are fashionable.

Key Features of Cat Proof Curtains

cat proof curtains

Well, worry no more! Cat proof curtains could be your game-changer. Let’s take a peek at what makes them so special.

Durability Against Cat Claws:

You know how tough those little claws can be, so your curtains need to be tougher. Materials matter here. Look for:

  • Microfiber: Resistant to scratches and snags.
  • Heavy Cotton: Sturdy and less appealing for clawing.

Aren’t you relieved that your decor can coexist with your cat’s natural behaviors?

Aesthetic Appeal:

Yes, your curtains can be practical and stylish! Cat proof curtains come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing them to blend seamlessly with any room’s theme.

They maintain their function without sacrificing form, so your space stays chic no matter what.

Ease of Cleaning:

Cat hair, we meet again. You want curtains that won’t hoard every stray fur. The key is finding curtains labeled as machine washable or those that can shake off the fur with a simple swipe.

Materials such as microfiber not only resist scratches but also make cleaning a breeze. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

DurabilityMicrofiber and heavy cotton stand up to cat’s claws
Style CompatibilityVarious designs to match your home decor
Cleaning SimplicityMachine washable or easy-to-clean materials like microfiber

So, you’ve got the scoop on the essentials for cat-proofing your windows with style and ease. Time to enjoy a claw-free living space!

Comprehensive Material Comparison

Comprehensive Material Comparison

You’re not alone! Finding cat-proof curtains is about matching materials to your home style without breaking the bank.

MaterialDurabilityAestheticsPrice ($)

Durability is key when it comes to cats with a clawing habit. Velvet reigns supreme here, withstanding their scratching while adding a touch of elegance to your space.

It’s pricey, but hey, can you really put a price on peace of mind?

In comes microfiber, a trusty sidekick in the world of pet-friendly homes.

Your kitty’s claws are less likely to catch on the tighter weave, which means less chance of a shredded curtain situation. Plus, it’s kinder to your wallet!

Now, let’s chat about canvas. This material is a sturdy option for those on a budget. While it might not scream luxury, it will hold its own against your cat’s acrobatics.

You get what you pay for, and in this case, it’s a balanced blend of endurance and economy.

Imagine this: Mrs. Whiskerson next door just couldn’t find the right curtain. Everything was a target for her tabby’s claws.

But one day, she picked up a velvet curtain and voila! It’s been two years, and those curtains are still standing tall.

Heard of Mr. Designer Guy? He’s the go-to interior guru who suggests that if you’re torn between aesthetics and practicality, microfiber is the way to go.

Its appearance adapts to most décors, and it holds up like a champ.

Remember, your curtains can be both a shield and a showpiece. You’ve got options, and now, the power to choose wisely. Keep those curtains hanging high and your cat’s spirits even higher!

Training Cats for Curtain-Friendly Behavior

Training Cats for Curtain-Friendly Behavior

Curtains can be a magnet for cat claws, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can keep them intact.

Behavioral Techniques

1. Double-sided Tape:

Start by placing double-sided tape on curtain edges. Your cat dislikes the sticky feeling on their paws—yuck!

2. Scratch Posts:

Invest in scratch posts. Placing these near curtains encourages your cat to use them instead of your drapes.

3. Citrus Spray:

Cats are not fans of citrus. A light spray of lemon on your curtains can work wonders.

4. Positive Reinforcement:

Whenever your cat uses the scratch post instead of the curtain, reward them with a treat—positive vibes only!

Interactive Toys

Distract your curious cat with a variety of interactive toys:

  • Feather wands
  • Laser pointers
  • Puzzle feeders

Keep these handy to divert attention when they eye the curtains.

Success Stories

Jane from Miami shares, “My Charlie used to be a curtain ninja until I adopted these steps. Now, he loves his scratch post more than anything!”

Mike from Seattle jokes, “I thought my curtains were history. But with some patience and lots of play, Fluffy now leaves them alone. Who knew?”

By redirecting your cat’s energy and rewarding good behavior, you can save your curtains from becoming a feline’s playground. Remember, patience and consistency are key!

Material Reaction to Cat Behavior

Material Reaction to Cat Behavior

Ever found yourself pleading with your feline friend, “Why must you climb the curtains?”

Well, knowing which materials can handle a cat’s ambitious climbing and Olympic-level scratching can save your curtains—and your sanity.

Climbing vs. Scratching: For your little climber, sturdy fabrics like canvas or microfiber can endure those tiny dagger-like claws.

They offer enough thickness and durability to dissuade your cat after a few futile attempts.

On the flip side, if scratching is your kitty’s cardio, heavy-duty options like denim or reinforced textiles might just be your ally.

Fabric Test Results: Curious about the numbers? When put to the test:

  • Velvet: It might feel luxurious, but with a 60% snag rate, it’s a gamble.
  • Silk: A high-end choice, yet a whopping 70% tear statistic means it’s a no-go.
  • Cotton blends: Fairly resilient with a 30% snag likelihood; could be worse.
  • Polyester: Surprisingly scratch resistant with a mere 10% damage rate—impressive!

Remember, cats will be cats, so choosing the right materials can mean less headache for you and more nap time for them.

No miraculous fabric exists that is completely immune to cat antics, but these suggestions might just help you achieve a truce with your playful pal.

Keep these tips in mind next time you’re pondering over curtain choices. Your curtains will thank you—well, if they could.

Tailored Curtain Recommendations

Tailored Curtain Recommendations

Modern Minimalist

Who says pet-friendly can’t be sleek? Look for microfiber curtains; their tight weave defies claws. (1)

Pair them with a trendy monochromatic decor — think a charcoal grey for a touch of sophistication that also hides pet hair. Genius, right?

Bohemian Rhapsody: A boho vibe calls for texture! Opt for macrame or burlap panels. They’re thick and can handle a “climbing session” from your kitty.

Plus, the earthy tones and patterns camouflage any incidental snag marks.

Here’s a quick rundown:

ModernMicrofiberSolid, dark hues
BohemianMacrame, BurlapEarthy, mixed patterns
ClassicVelvet, TweedJewel tones, Plaids

Classic Elegance

Ah, the timeless appeal! Heavy fabrics like velvet or tweed not only look luxurious but are also less tempting for claws to shred.

Choose rich colors like emerald or patterns like plaid to exude warmth and resist showing fur.

Remember, when it comes to cats, anchoring curtains securely is as crucial as the fabric you choose.

Also, a little something extra – adding a scratching post near the curtains can help draw away some of that clawing action!

You got this! With these recommendations, create a harmonious space that’s both cat-approved and stylishly you.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide - cat proof curtains

Material Matters

Ever noticed how your cat turns into a tiny superhero when it sees curtains, leaping and clawing its way up? Well, you’ll want materials that can withstand these feline feats.

Look for heavy-duty fabrics like canvas, or go for a blend with polyester that reduces the tearing chance.

  • Durability: Denim, canvas, or a tight weave
  • Maintenance: Machine washable options

Measuring Up

You know the drill—measure twice, hang once. Grab that tape measure and check the size of your windows.

Ensure you get curtains that cover the window fully, as gaps might tempt your furry friend to peek and poke.

  • Width: 1.5-2 times wider than the window
  • Length: From rod to floor or sill Height

Features Frenzy

Features can make a difference! Curtains with built-in features may offer added protection against your whiskered wrecking ball.

Weighted Bottom HemResists billowing and your cat’s paws
Hook and Loop AttachmentsEasy to remove and clean

Style and Substance

Choose a style that complements your décor. Patterns can camouflage claw marks, while bold solids can stand up to scrutiny—and kitty’s climbing escapades.

  • Patterns: Camouflage ability
  • Color: Darker shades to mask fur

Remember, no curtain is completely cat-proof, but with these tips, you’re well on your way to finding a balance between your home’s style and your cat’s playfulness.

Quick Recap

Quick Recap

Best Materials:

  • Heavy-duty fabrics like canvas
  • Microfiber for ease of cleaning
  • Slick materials like polyester that deter climbing

Training Techniques:

  • Use of citrus sprays as natural deterrents
  • Double-sided tape to reduce curtain appeal
  • Clicker training to reinforce good behavior

Final Recommendations:

Choosing the Right Curtains:

  • Prioritize sturdy materials that can withstand climbing.
  • Consider detachable lower sections for easy washing.
  • Look for patterns and colors that disguise signs of cat play.

Effective Training:

  • Be consistent with commands and use positive reinforcement.
  • Introduce deterrents gradually to discourage clawing.
  • Keep those claws trimmed to minimize damage.

Remember, patience is key! You’re not alone in the quest for pristine curtains and a happy kitty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - cat proof curtains

You love your cat, but you also love your home decor. Here are the top questions you might have about keeping those curtains immaculate while cohabitating with your feline friends.

What materials are best for cat-proof curtains?

When it comes to cat-proof curtains, durability is key. Materials like microfiber, polyester, and canvas resist tearing and can withstand a kitty’s claws.

Microfiber, in particular, is also great at repelling pet hair and is easier to clean.

How can I train my cat to stop scratching curtains?

Training takes patience, but it’s not impossible.

Use a combination of deterrents like double-sided tape on curtains and give your cat an acceptable place to scratch, such as a scratching post or pad.

Reward your cat for using appropriate scratching outlets to reinforce the behavior.

Are there stylish cat-proof curtains that fit modern homes?

Absolutely, you don’t have to sacrifice style. There are various designs and patterns available that are made with cat-resistant materials.

Look for curtains labeled as “pet-friendly” in contemporary styles to match your modern aesthetic.

Can cat-proof curtains be machine washed?

Yes, many cat-proof curtains are designed for easy care and can be machine washed.

Check the label for specific washing instructions, but generally, a gentle cycle with mild detergent works for most cat-proof materials.

Where can I buy affordable cat-proof curtains?

Cat-proof curtains are available in most stores where home decor items are sold, like department stores, home goods stores, and online marketplaces.

Prices vary, so shop around to find options that fit your budget.

Are heavy curtains better for cat-proofing?

Heavy curtains can deter some cats as they’re difficult to move and less tempting to claw at.

However, the material is still the deciding factor—if it’s not claw-resistant, a cat might still damage heavy curtains.

Can I make my existing curtains cat-proof?

While it’s tricky, you can add some protection to your existing curtains.

Reinforce them with a lining of a more durable fabric, or apply a safe deterrent spray that makes the curtains less appealing to scratch.

Regular trimming of your cat’s claws can also help in reducing damage.


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