My Honest Review of the Petivity Smart Litter Box! (Splurge or Save?)

Splurge or Save? My Honest Review of the Petivity Smart Litter Box!

In today’s world, where our homes seem to be getting smarter by the second—thank you, smart speakers, lights, and thermostats—our pet care is also leveling up.

It’s no longer just about automated feeders or toys; we’re talking about health technology that genuinely understands our furry friends’ needs. That’s where Petivity slides into the picture, making quite the entrance.

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on this trend, witnessing how pet care technology evolves, aiming to blend seamlessly into our increasingly connected lives.

So, when I stumbled upon the Petivity Smart Litter Box, it wasn’t just another gadget catching my attention; it was a promising leap toward revolutionizing how we care for our cats.

Petivity isn’t just another smart product; it’s a pioneering move in pet health technology, designed to offer peace of mind to those of us who obsess over our pets’ well-being just as much as we do our own.

As someone who’s navigated the vast seas of pet gadgets, I can tell you that Petivity stands out not just for its innovative approach to monitoring our cats’ health but also for its simplicity and directness in tackling a problem many pet owners face: truly understanding what’s happening with our pets when we’re not looking.

So, let’s get into what makes the Petivity Smart Litter Box not just another smart home product, but a potential game-changer in pet care.

My Personal Rating & Review: Petivity Smart Litter Box

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CriteriaScore (Out of 5)My Take
Health Monitoring Accuracy4.5Honestly, Petivity’s health tracking is like having a little vet assistant in your home. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close, catching things I’d never notice.
Ease of Setup and User Interface4.8Setting this up was a breeze, and navigating the app felt intuitive. It’s like they knew I’d rather spend time playing with my cats than fiddling with settings.
Multi-Cat Functionality4.2As a proud parent of multiple furballs, Petivity’s attempt to keep tabs on each is commendable, though it sometimes mixes up their stats like a confused babysitter.
App Functionality and Accessibility3.5The app’s great when it’s just me. But trying to share access? It’s like the system’s playing gatekeeper, making it tougher than needed.
Value for Money4.0It’s an investment, for sure. But considering it might save me from emergency vet visits? Seems worth it. Plus, my cats are priceless, after all.

How We Reviewed The Petivity Smart Litter Box

1. Price Value (Weight: 15%)

Score based on the product’s cost to its features and benefits, considering feedback on the product’s full price versus sale price, and the desire for multi-unit discounts.

Measurement: Comparative analysis with similar products on the market considering features vs. price.

2. Ease of Setup and Use (Weight: 20%)

Assessment of the installation process, initial setup, and daily usability based on user reviews.

Measurement: Number of steps to set up, time taken for setup, and user feedback on ease of navigation through the app.

3. App Functionality and Access Sharing (Weight: 10%)

Evaluation of the app’s usability, including login issues, the ability to share access with family members or cat sitters, and the convenience of re-login requirements.

Measurement: Features availability, multi-user functionality, and user feedback on login process complexity.

4. Health Monitoring Accuracy (Weight: 20%)

Determining the precision of weight and litter activity tracking, including differentiation between #1 and #2 and identification of multiple cats.

Measurement: Accuracy percentage based on user feedback, comparing recorded data with actual observations.

5. Communication and Alerts (Weight: 10%)

Evaluation of how effectively the device communicates health alerts and notifications, and the ability to generate and share reports with vets.

Measurement: Number of relevant alerts, user satisfaction with notifications, and the ease of sharing reports.

6. Learning Curve and Reliability (Weight: 15%)

Assessing the product’s learning period for recognizing cat habits and its overall reliability post-learning period based on user experiences.

Measurement: Time taken for the device to accurately recognize habits and reliability rate post-learning period.

7. Compatibility and Physical Design (Weight: 5%)

Reviewing the product’s compatibility with various types of litter boxes and its physical robustness as reported by users.

Measurement: Compatibility percentage with popular litter box types and feedback on physical sturdiness.

8. Customer Support and Responsiveness (Weight: 5%)

Evaluating the manufacturer’s responsiveness to issues and the effectiveness of customer support based on user experiences.

Measurement: Response time to issues, resolution rate, and user satisfaction with support.

Key Features of Petivity Smart Litter Box

Health Monitoring Capabilities

At its heart, Petivity is like a vigilant guardian, keeping an eye on two crucial aspects of your cat’s well-being: weight and litter box usage patterns. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Weight Tracking: Every time your cat steps into the litter box, Petivity discreetly checks its weight. It’s a feature that might seem simple on the surface but is profound in its implications. Weight fluctuations in cats can be subtle and slow, often slipping unnoticed by even the most attentive pet owners. Yet, these changes can signal a variety of health issues, from the manageable, like slight dietary adjustments needed, to the more serious, like diabetes or kidney disease.
  • Litter Box Usage Patterns: How often is your cat using the box? Are they going more or less frequently than usual? Petivity tracks every visit, not just the “successful” ones, allowing for a nuanced view of your cat’s bathroom habits. Changes in frequency can be early indicators of conditions like urinary tract infections or hyperthyroidism.

You don’t have to take just my word for it. According to Dr. Avi Shaprut, DVM, and Purina’s on-staff veterinarian, devices like Petivity can be crucial in detecting early signs of health conditions, facilitating earlier intervention and potentially better outcomes.

Research supports this, with studies showing that consistent monitoring of weight and litter box activity can lead to early detection of diseases in cats.

But what truly sets Petivity apart is its user-friendly approach to this data. It doesn’t just bombard you with numbers and alerts; it translates this information into easy-to-understand graphs and insights directly on your smartphone.

This means you’re not just collecting data; you’re gaining a deeper understanding of your cat’s health patterns, enabling you to act proactively rather than reactively.

Comparative Analysis by Experts

Comparative Analysis Petivity Smart Litter Box by Experts

Not meant to replace vet visits, but according to Purina’s in-house vet, Dr. Avi Shaprut, DVM, Petivity can spot early signs of diabetes, kidney issues, and more.

And let’s be honest, anything that gives us a heads-up on our pets’ health is worth its weight in kibble.

The Good, the Bad, and the Furry: A User’s Tale

So, my dynamic duo, Atlas and Lyra, took the Petivity system for a spin. Here’s the scoop:

  • Pros
    • Data Overload (In a Good Way): The app’s clean interface throws at you everything from weight trends to bathroom habits. Notice Lyra packing on a few? The app, paired with my home scale, confirmed my snack-sneaking suspicions.
    • Housekeeping Made Easy: Ever played the guessing game of which litter box to clean first? Petivity’s got you covered with its clean-not-clean indicator.
    • Cats Just Get It: No training montage is needed here. My cats adapted without a hitch, sparing us the drama over a new, fancy toilet they refuse to use.
  • Cons
    • Accuracy May Vary: Atlas’s weight readings were a rollercoaster, which had us worried until Purina explained it could be down to his box antics or device imbalances.
    • AI’s Growing Pains: Expect to play teacher for the first few days, telling the app who’s who in the litter box saga.

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Real User Experiences and Product Evaluation

Real User Experiences and Product Evaluation on petivity smart litter box


  • Health Monitoring Precision: Users are overwhelmingly positive about Petivity’s ability to monitor their cats’ health meticulously. The weight tracking and litter box usage patterns have been pivotal in detecting early signs of health issues for many, earning Petivity high marks for its core functionality.
  • Ease of Setup and Use: The straightforward setup process and the intuitive app interface are frequently highlighted. Pet owners appreciate the hassle-free initiation into Petivity’s world, finding the system accessible even for those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy.
  • Multi-Cat Differentiation: For households with more than one feline friend, Petivity’s ability to distinguish between cats and maintain separate health profiles is a standout feature. This aspect is particularly praised by multi-cat families for ensuring personalized health monitoring.


  • Accuracy Concerns: While health monitoring is generally lauded, some users have noted discrepancies in weight measurements and misattributions in multi-cat scenarios. These instances seem to stem mainly from the device’s learning curve and physical setup.
  • App Limitations: The reliance on single-sign-on methods for app access has been a sticking point for users who wish to share access with family members or cat sitters. This limitation has prompted calls for more flexible user management options within the app.
  • Price Point: The cost of Petivity, while competitive, has been a consideration for some. Users express a desire for bundled discounts, especially in multi-cat households, to make the system more accessible to a broader audience.

Petivity has carved out a niche in the smart pet care market, offering unparalleled insights into our cats’ health and well-being.

The system shines in its primary mission of health monitoring, with a user-friendly interface and robust functionality for multi-cat households standing out as key strengths.

While there’s room for improvement in accuracy refinements and app accessibility, the overall positive user feedback underscores Petivity’s value as a proactive health tool for our feline companions.

The scores reflect a strong performance, with particular excellence in ease of setup and user interface, highlighting Petivity’s commitment to marrying technology with pet care.

Petivity vs. Other Smart Litter Boxes

Petivity vs. Other Smart Litter Boxes
FeaturePetivity Smart Litter BoxLitter-Robot 3 Connect
Primary FunctionHealth monitoring (weight, bathroom habits)Automated cleaning, odor control
Health MonitoringTracks usage frequency, with less focus on health monitoringTracks usage frequency, less focus on health monitoring
AI & TechnologyAI-driven insights, easy-to-view graphs, and alerts on health trendsAutomated self-cleaning, app notifications for waste level
Setup & CompatibilityWorks with existing litter boxes, no installation beyond setup. Compatible with non-smart litter boxes up to 21×16 inchesSelf-contained, requires space for the unit, compatible with various types of litter
PriceApproximately $199Around $699
Veterinary EndorsementEndorsed for early detection of health issues, including weight changes and bathroom habitsPraised for convenience and hygiene, less emphasis on health monitoring
User FriendlinessRequires initial setup and occasional manual data verification during the learning periodVirtually hands-off after initial setup, automated cleaning
Multi-Cat FunctionalityCan identify and monitor up to three cats individuallyUsage tracking without individual cat identification
App FeaturesDetailed health monitoring with visual graphs, alerts, and insightsAlerts for drawer fullness, less detailed health tracking
Battery OperationOption for battery operation (six AA batteries) or plugging inPrimarily plug-in with backup battery option
Consumer FocusPet owners prioritizing health monitoring and early detection of issuesPet owners valuing convenience, hygiene, and less frequent maintenance

This table offers a concise comparison, underscoring Petivity’s strengths in detailed health monitoring and its appeal to pet owners focused on proactive care.

The Litter-Robot 3 Connect, with its automated cleaning and odor control, caters to those prioritizing convenience and cleanliness.

Both products excel in their respective areas, making the choice between them dependent on the specific needs and priorities of the pet owner.

In-Depth Technical Evaluation

In-Depth Technical Evaluation

Setup and Daily Operation

Setting up the Petivity isn’t like assembling flat-pack furniture (thankfully, no mysterious extra pieces). It’s straightforward and designed to get you and your feline friends up and running without a headache.

Here’s how it goes:

Ease of Setup and Use
  1. Unboxing: First things first, unbox your Petivity Smart Litter Box. Inside, you’ll find the smart scale device, a power cord, and optionally, six AA batteries if you prefer not to or can’t plug it in near the litter box location. (1)
  2. Placement: Slide the Petivity scale under your existing litter box. There’s no fuss about compatibility as long as your litter box doesn’t exceed the recommended size of 21×16 inches. Remember, no installation is required beyond this simple placement. (2)
  3. Power Up: Connect the Petivity device to power using the cord provided or insert the six AA batteries for a cordless setup. A light indicator will let you know it’s powered on and ready to pair.
  4. Download the App: Grab your smartphone and download the Petivity application from either the App Store or Google Play. The app is your command center, where all the data and insights about your cat’s health will be displayed.
  5. Connect: Open the app and follow the prompts to connect the Petivity device to your home Wi-Fi network. You’ll also pair the device with your app using Bluetooth for that initial setup phase.
  6. Personalize: The app will guide you through setting up profiles for your cats. You’ll input details like their name, age, gender, and even their brand of food if available. This information helps Petivity personalize the monitoring for each of your cats.
  7. Learning Period: For the first few days, you’ll help the device learn about your cats. The app will notify you of litter box visits and ask you to confirm which cat it was and whether they urinated or defecated. This brief learning period is crucial for accurate monitoring going forward.

User Interface of the Petivity App

The Petivity app is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its interface is intuitive, ensuring you don’t need to be tech-savvy to navigate through it. Here’s what stands out:

  • Dashboard: Upon opening the app, you’re greeted with a dashboard that presents an overview of your cat’s health data, including weight trends and litter box visits, all displayed in easy-to-understand formats.
  • Pet Profiles: Each of your cats will have a dedicated profile where their specific data and trends are tracked and displayed. It’s like having a health journal for each of your pets.
  • Alerts & Insights: The app sends notifications directly to your phone if there are any concerning changes in your cat’s weight or bathroom habits. These alerts are designed to be actionable, prompting you when it might be time to consult your vet.
  • Data Visualization: Graphs and charts visualize your cat’s health data over time, making it easy to spot any trends or changes at a glance.
  • Settings & Customization: From the app, you can customize settings, such as how often you receive notifications, and manage your pet’s profiles for any updates to their health or diet.

In essence, the Petivity app is as much a tool for keeping your cats healthy as it is a peace-of-mind provider for you, the pet parent.

It takes the guesswork out of pet health monitoring, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time with your furry family members, reassured that you’re on top of their health and well-being.

Navigating the ins and outs of the Petivity Smart Litter Box reveals a well-thought-out design tailored to the nuanced needs of our feline companions and their human caretakers.

Let’s dissect the compatibility, design, app functionality, monitoring effectiveness, and learning curve to get a comprehensive picture.

Compatibility and Physical Design

Petivity shines in its compatibility with a wide range of litter box types, which is a boon for pet parents who don’t want to overhaul their existing setups.

The monitor is designed to fit under standard non-smart litter boxes up to 21×16 inches in size. This includes:

  • Open top litter boxes
  • Hooded or covered litter boxes
  • High-sided litter boxes

The key is ensuring the litter box sits securely on the Petivity monitor without overhanging edges for accurate readings.

Physical Design and Durability:
The Petivity monitor boasts a sleek, low-profile design, ensuring it can slide under your litter box discreetly. It’s built with durability in mind:

  • Robust materials capable of withstanding the weight of multiple cats
  • Water-resistant surface to protect against spills or litter scatter
  • Non-skid feet to keep the monitor in place under the litter box

The design is a balance of aesthetics and functionality, blending into your home environment while standing up to the daily activities of your cats.

App Functionality and User Interface

The Petivity app is where the magic happens, turning raw data into actionable insights.


  • Real-time weight tracking and bathroom habit monitoring
  • Individual pet profiles for multi-cat households
  • Easy-to-read graphs and trend analyses
  • Alerts for significant health indicators such as weight loss or gain, increased or decreased litter box usage

Limitations and Workarounds:
A notable limitation is the app’s reliance on single-sign-on methods, like Apple ID or Google, which complicates sharing access with family members or cat sitters.

Workaround strategies include using a shared family account for the app or coordinating with sitters to relay important alerts manually.

Monitoring and Alert System

Petivity doesn’t just collect data; it interprets it, focusing on critical health indicators:

Alert Examples:

  • Weight Alerts: If your cat gains or loses a significant amount of weight unexpectedly, you’ll get an alert.
  • Usage Frequency Alerts: Notices when there’s an increase or decrease in litter box visits, potentially indicating UTIs or other health issues.

These alerts empower pet owners to take preemptive actions, possibly averting health crises.

Learning Curve and Reliability

Learning Period:
The initial setup phase involves a learning curve where the device gets acquainted with your cats’ unique behaviors.

Over the first week, pet owners assisted the device by confirming which cat visited the litter box and what action they took. This phase is crucial for the AI to accurately identify and monitor each cat’s health trends.

Post-learning period, Petivity demonstrates high reliability, with most users reporting accurate and consistent monitoring.

Feedback underscores the system’s ability to maintain accurate tracking even as cats’ weights fluctuate naturally, showcasing the sophistication of its AI and sensors.

In sum, the Petivity Smart Litter Box marries thoughtful design with powerful technology, offering pet owners a comprehensive tool for proactive pet care.

Its compatibility with a wide range of litter boxes, combined with the robust and insightful app functionality, positions Petivity as a valuable ally in maintaining the health and happiness of our feline family members.

Sustainable and Responsible Pet Care

Sustainable and Responsible Pet Care

Environmental Considerations

In the grand scheme of pet products, the environmental footprint is often a secondary consideration.

However, with increasing awareness and concern for our planet, products like Petivity have the opportunity to lead by example. Here’s how Petivity and its parent company, Nestle Purina, stack up:

  • Eco-friendly Features: At first glance, the Petivity Smart Litter Box itself is a relatively low-tech gadget in terms of energy consumption. Opting to power the device with either a direct power supply or batteries offers some flexibility in how eco-conscious you want to be. Using rechargeable AA batteries, for instance, can minimize waste. However, the real environmental value lies in its ability to extend the life of your existing litter box by making it “smart,” rather than requiring the purchase of a brand-new, resource-intensive product. (3)
  • Packaging and Materials: The attention to sustainability doesn’t stop with the product itself. Petivity’s packaging is designed with recyclability in mind, utilizing materials that can be easily broken down and repurposed, reducing its overall impact from a waste perspective.
  • Nestle Purina’s Environmental Policies: As a subsidiary of Nestle Purina, Petivity benefits from its parent company’s broader commitment to sustainability. Nestle Purina has set ambitious goals for reducing its carbon footprint, with initiatives aimed at achieving zero net emissions by 2050. This includes efforts in sustainable sourcing of materials, reducing waste in their production processes, and investing in renewable energy sources.
  • Contribution to Sustainable Pet Care: Beyond the physical product, Petivity’s role in promoting pet health through early detection and monitoring can indirectly contribute to environmental sustainability. Healthier pets mean potentially fewer resources consumed for medical treatments and a lower carbon footprint associated with veterinary services.

While Petivity’s direct eco-friendly features might seem modest at first glance, the product’s alignment with Nestle Purina’s environmental commitments and the broader impact of promoting pet health present a compelling case for its place in the realm of sustainable and responsible pet care.

It’s a reminder that every choice we make for our pets, from the food we feed them to the products we use to enhance their lives, has a ripple effect on the world around us.

Smart Home Integration and Technology Compatibility

Smart Home Integration and Technology Compatibility

The advent of smart home technology has been a boon for convenience and efficiency, but its integration into pet care has been somewhat lagging.

Petivity, with its innovative approach to monitoring our feline friends, steps into this gap with potential that’s worth exploring.

Potential Integrations:

  • Smart Notifications: Imagine receiving a notification on your smart speaker or phone not just when it’s time to feed your cat, but also when their weight changes or they’ve missed a couple of bathroom visits. Petivity’s app could send alerts directly to your preferred device, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • Automated Health Reports: Integrating Petivity’s health monitoring data with other smart health apps could provide a comprehensive overview of your pet’s well-being alongside your own health metrics. This holistic health dashboard could be a one-stop-shop for family health, pets included.
  • Routine Automation: For those of us who’ve embraced smart routines (think lights that dim at bedtime or coffee makers that start brewing at your alarm), Petivity could add another layer. Based on your cat’s bathroom habits, you could automate ambient conditions like lighting or play soft music to create a calming environment for nervous or nighttime visitors to the litter box.
  • Voice Assistant Integration: With voice assistants becoming household staples, the ability to ask your assistant for the latest update from Petivity’s app could add an extra layer of convenience. “Hey Google, how’s Luna’s weight trending?” could become as routine as checking the weather.

Enhancing Pet Care with Smart Technology

The integration of Petivity into the broader smart home ecosystem represents a significant step forward in pet care.

By leveraging the power of connected devices, pet owners can gain unprecedented insights into their pets’ health and habits, potentially catching issues before they become serious.

Moreover, these integrations could streamline pet care tasks, freeing up more time for what matters most—spending quality time with our furry companions.

The potential for Petivity to work hand in hand with other smart home devices and ecosystems is a tantalizing glimpse into the future of pet care, where technology not only makes our lives easier but also enhances the well-being of our beloved pets.

As we move forward, the integration of smart pet care solutions like Petivity into our homes promises not only to enrich our pets’ lives but also to bring us closer to them, bridging the gap between human and animal health and happiness.

Quick Recap

Based on our comprehensive evaluation, Petivity stands out as a forward-thinking solution for cat owners who prioritize their pets’ health.

Its strengths, particularly in health monitoring and ease of use, significantly outweigh the areas where there’s room for improvement.

For those in multi-cat households, the value of individualized monitoring cannot be overstated, though it’s worth keeping an eye on how accurately the system can keep your cats’ profiles separate.

If you’re someone who values proactive pet care and is intrigued by the potential of smart technology to enhance the well-being of your cats, Petivity is worth your consideration.

While it represents an investment, the peace of mind and potential health benefits it offers could well justify the cost.

In conclusion, Petivity is not just another pet gadget; it’s a commitment to the health and happiness of our cats.

With a few tweaks and updates, it could very well set the standard for smart pet care in the future. For now, it’s a promising and valuable tool for any pet owner looking to bring a bit more tech-savvy insight into their cat care routine.

Frequently Ask Question

How does the Petivity Smart Litter Box detect health issues in cats?

Explain the technology behind Petivity, focusing on weight tracking and bathroom habit monitoring. Highlight the importance of detecting changes in these areas as early indicators of potential health issues.

Can Petivity differentiate between multiple cats, and how accurate is it?

Describe Petivity’s multi-cat functionality, including any limitations. Emphasize its overall effectiveness while acknowledging occasional challenges in differentiation, offering tips for optimizing accuracy.

Is the Petivity system difficult to set up and use daily?

Reassure the reader by outlining the straightforward setup process and the user-friendly nature of the daily operation, possibly mentioning the learning curve and how quickly one can adapt.

Will Petivity work with my current litter box?

Clarify the types of litter boxes Petivity is compatible with, focusing on its versatility. Mention the size specifications for optimal performance.

How does the Petivity app enhance my pet care routine?

Highlight the key features of the Petivity app, such as real-time alerts, health trend graphs, and the ability to manage multiple cat profiles. Stress the app’s role in making pet health monitoring both accessible and actionable.

What kind of maintenance does the Petivity device require?

Discuss the low maintenance needs of the Petivity device, including cleaning tips and battery replacement if applicable, to reassure potential users about the ease of care.


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