7 Best Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeder: Let’s Simplify Feeding

7 Best Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeder: Let's Simplify Feeding

Feeding your feline friend while you’re not around to do it yourself can feel a bit like trying to solve a puzzle, right?

Especially if you’re an outdoor cat owner, you’ve probably experienced the conundrum of keeping your kitty’s meals regular and safe from the local wildlife.

That’s where outdoor automatic cat feeders come into play, combining convenience with the needs of your adventurous pet.

These devices not only provide meals at set intervals but also protect the food from the elements and unwelcome critters.

Picture this: your cat gets her timely meal, the food stays dry even in a downpour, and that cheeky raccoon from next door is left looking elsewhere for its dinner.

An outdoor automatic cat feeder essentially takes the worry out of feeding time, ensuring your cat stays well-fed whether you’re home or away. (1)

Ok, so what should you keep an eye out for when choosing one? It’s not just about picking the snazziest model.

Capacity is key—make sure it holds enough food for your cat’s needs.

Durability is a must; it needs to withstand the great outdoors.

And don’t forget about security features—think along the lines of raccoon-proof latches!

Lastly, the setup and programming should be a breeze, because who wants to wrestle with a manual thicker than a mystery novel?

With these thoughts in the back of your mind, let’s take a whisker-twirling dive into the world of outdoor automatic cat feeders.

Whether you’re aiming to give your cat independence or just looking for a helping hand with her diet, the perfect feeder is out there for you.

So, off we go to explore what options might best fit into your cat’s open-air dining experience!

7 Top Picks Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeders: Keep Your Feline Full and Happy!

Ever worry about your cat going hungry while you’re out enjoying your day? Say goodbye to those meow-inducing guilt trips!

We’ve scouted out the outdoor automatic cat feeders that will ensure your fluffy friend is always fed, even when life gets busy.

These devices are not just about convenience; they’re a game-changer for your cat’s feeding routine.

With timers, portion control, and built-in safeguards against the elements and those pesky squirrels, these feeders are designed to stand up to the great outdoors and keep your kitty’s belly full and content.

Get ready to explore our purr-fect picks for the most reliable and user-friendly outdoor automatic cat feeders!

#1 – Amazon Basics Gravity Feeder and Waterer

outdoor automatic cat feeder

If you’re considering simplicity and convenience for your pet’s needs, this Amazon Basics Gravity Feeder and Waterer combo is worth checking out.

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From firsthand experience, this dynamic duo provides a steady supply of food and water for your furry friend.

It’s particularly handy when your day gets hectic, and you might be late for your four-legged companion’s mealtime. Without over-complicating things, it ensures your pet stays hydrated and fed.

I found the clear hoppers to be quite the time-saver, swiftly revealing when refills are needed. They slot easily into place, and there’s no fuss or fiddling around. A glance can tell you if it’s time to top up.

Despite the convenience, do remember to clean both the feeder and waterer regularly.

Leftovers and saliva can turn a meal area into a bacteria banquet, which is not what you want for your pet.

The gravity design means no batteries or power source is required, perfect for keeping your pet catered to during a power outage.

Plus, the sleek look of the set fits into a modern home without sticking out like a sore thumb.

#2 – PETLIBRO Air Feeder


If you hate the hassle of daily kibble dispensing, this little gadget is your new best friend.

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Let’s chat about the PETLIBRO Air Feeder.

Picturing a pile of cat food on the kitchen floor? Nope, not with this one—its press-to-lock lid makes unscheduled snacking a thing of the past.

I absolutely appreciate not waking up to chaos and hungry meows anymore.

Ah, the familiar sight of Fluffy trying to outsmart the cat feeder… except she can’t! The covered control panel has stopped even the smartest feline escape artists in my home.

Setting the times for feedings was a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

For those who loathe clutter, the battery option is a lifesaver.

I recently stashed it in the corner of my patio, and I’m still on the original batteries after a month—neat, right? But keep in mind, you’ll either need a stash of batteries or an outlet nearby.

Your outdoor adventurers, or even your indoor furballs, deserve mealtime punctuality and the PETLIBRO Air Feeder delivers.

It’s not just a pretty face; it’s a reliable, mess-minimizing sidekick in your pet care arsenal.

Give it a go, you might just find more time on your hands for those cat videos we all love.

#3 – Pitpet Pals

Pitpet Pals

If you’re frequently out and about, the Pitpet Pals feeders got you covered, keeping your fluffy friend full and happy without a hiccup.

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Imagine waking up late without the panic that your furball missed breakfast. With this feeder, you sleep in while your kitty gets their morning kibble.

Think of it as your reliable pet nanny, ensuring your cat is fed the right amount, right on time, every time.

Ever worried about your pet overeating or getting a bit chunky? This nifty gadget dispenses preset portions, so your furry friend stays on a balanced diet.

Plus, you won’t come home to a mess; the feeder keeps kibble crisp and fresh, and trust me, your cat will notice the difference.

Setup is a breeze once you breeze through the manual.

The feeder greets your pet with a personal message from you at mealtime, which is quite a treat in itself! The design is pet-proof—no more sneaky paws fishing for extra help.

The Pitpet Pals feeder assures that power outages won’t mess with your pet’s meals, thanks to its dual power supply.

Stickers keep it steady against the most enthusiastic eaters, so don’t worry about coming home to find the feeder toppled over.

But here’s the dish: it’s best for smaller pets and may not be ideal if you’ve got a larger hound.

Dry food fans rejoice while those with a taste for wet food might need to look elsewhere.

Familiarize yourself with the instructions, because your pet’s feast depends on that initial setup.

In summary, for peace of mind and a full belly for your pet, the Pitpet Pals feeder stands as a true ally in your pet care arsenal.

#4 – HoneyGuaridan Feeder

HoneyGuaridan Feeder

If you want a fuss-free way to keep your furry friends fed and happy while you’re away, this feeder is your go-to gadget.

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Just got a chance to set up the HoneyGuaridan feeder, and you know what? Keeping your pet’s belly full has never been more hands-off.

Its sleek design will blend right into your patio or kitchen, and the peace of mind of knowing your two cats are fed equally without any squabbling is priceless.

Imagine not having to rush home because your cat’s feeding routine is all taken care of. The dual power supply is like a security blanket for your pet feeding worries.

Even if the power goes out, the backup batteries have got you covered. That’s 200 days of stress-free mealtimes!

Cleaning is a breeze; it comes apart easily when it’s time to give it a good scrub-down.

Isn’t it nice not to dread the post-meal cleanup?

The freshness factor here is fitting for your picky eaters. Food stays fresh, which means your cat won’t turn up their nose at mealtime, and as a bonus, your home won’t smell like cat food.

All said, this feeder’s like having a reliable pet-sitter at the ready.

Sure, there might be a bit of a learning curve to get the programming just right, but once it’s done, it’s smooth sailing.

A slight noise after some use seems a small price to pay for a happy, well-fed pet. And let’s face it, keeping the feeding station clean should be a given anyway.

#5 – Automatic Cat Feeders – 8cup/68oz Cat Food Dispenser

PETLIBRO Auto Feeder

The Automatic Cat Feeders – 8cup/68oz Cat Food Dispenser is easy to use, with a timed automatic pet feeder that features over 180-day battery life and is programmable for 1-6 meals of dry food.

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This product is designed for pet owners who need a reliable feeding solution for their cats when they are away from home.

The feeder has a large capacity of 8 cups (approximately 68 ounces), which means it can hold a significant amount of dry cat food, reducing the need for frequent refills.

The device is programmable, allowing for 1-6 meals per day, which can help maintain a consistent feeding schedule for your cat.

It operates on batteries, boasting an impressive battery life of over 180 days, ensuring that it keeps functioning even during prolonged absences.

The feeder is also equipped with a voice recorder and speaker, so you can record a message calling your cat to eat, providing a personal touch even when you’re not there.

The food dispenser’s design is meant to be tamper-proof, preventing cats from accessing the stored food and overeating. It is suitable for outdoor use, with a sturdy build that can withstand the elements.

#6 – Space Pet Feeder

Space Pet Feeder

If fresh meals for your fur baby even when you’re out and about sound appealing, the Space Pet Feeder should be on your radar.

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Ever worried about the freshness of your pet’s food when you’re not able to serve it straight from the bag? Those days are behind you with this handy feeder!

Its vacuum sealing technology tackles the staling head-on, ensuring your cat or dog always has access to fresh kibble—like opening a new bag at every meal.

Remember the times you got held up at work? Well, now you can change your pet’s feeding schedule on the fly, thanks to smart Wi-Fi connectivity.

Even if you’re miles away, a few taps on your smartphone ensure your pet doesn’t miss their mealtime. The convenience is just like having a pet butler at your beck and call.

The feeder’s behemoth capacity means fewer refills for you and consistent feeding for your furry friend.

It’s like having a mini pet storage unit right in your kitchen, ensuring your pet’s belly is always full. The large food tray is a plus, too, giving even the fluffiest cheeks space to munch without any whisker fatigue.

However, like all things tech, there might be a slight learning curve. If you’re not savvy with apps, initial setup could test your patience.

Meanwhile, for small pets, this device might just be too much of a good thing. And, if your pet’s the skittish type, the noise from the vacuum seal could take some getting used to.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to maintain your pet’s feeding schedule and keep their food at its peak, the Space Pet Feeder fits the bill.

With a bit of initial setup, your pet’s mealtime becomes one less thing to worry about. It’s convenience and peace of mind in one sleek package.

#7 – PETKIT Feeder Cam

PETKIT Feeder Cam

Thinking about giving your feline freedom while keeping their belly full? The PETKIT Feeder Cam might just be your perfect match.

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If you’ve ever worried about leaving your fur baby home alone, this piece of tech aims to ease your mind.

As I set up the PETKIT Feeder Cam, the process was straightforward, connecting swiftly to my Wi-Fi. Scheduling meal times on the user-friendly app was a breeze.

The crisp 1080P camera caught every mischievous antic of my tabby, even in the low light of evening.

The morning hassle of feeding time is no more. With a few taps on the app, I could get a few more minutes of sleep while my cat enjoyed an accurately portioned breakfast.

The feeder’s clear audio system allowed me to call my cat for meals with a recorded message, adding a touch of personalization to the feeding routine.

I appreciate the non-stick stainless steel bowl, making cleanup less of a chore. And no worries about food getting stale—the triple fresh-lock system appears to keep kibble fresh and crunchy.

Plus, the dual power supply setups make me confident that my pet won’t miss a meal even if the power goes out.

Yet, I must admit the feeder is shaped by a few constraints.

It only links up with the more common 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not the quicker 5GHz. While most households won’t notice, it’s a point to consider.

And while the cloud services sound useful, keep in mind they come with an extra cost.

Moreover, the feeder is limited to kibbles that fit its size criteria, which excludes larger food types that some pets may need.

Overall, the PETKIT Feeder Cam has integrated nicely into my daily routine, taking the edge off pet care without skimping on quality.

It’s a solid choice for any pet owner looking to ensure their beloved companions are fed and content, day or night.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeder

feeders with secure locks

Capacity: How much food does it hold? Ensure the feeder can sustain your cat’s appetite, especially if you’re away for a couple of days.

Durability: Is it tough enough to withstand outdoor conditions? You’d want something that won’t crack or break easily.

Battery or Electricity: Will you be near a power source? Battery-operated feeders offer flexibility, while electric ones assure continuous operation.

Weather Resistance: Rain or shine, your cat’s meal should stay dry and fresh. Look for waterproof and UV-resistant models.

Features for Convenience:

  • Programmable timers
  • Multiple feeding schedules
  • Portion control

Kibble Size Compatibility: Got a picky eater? Check if the feeder dispenses your cat’s preferred kibble size without jamming.

Ease of Cleaning: Nobody likes a messy eater. Find feeders that are simple to disassemble and clean.

Keeping Critters Out: You don’t want raccoons snacking on your cat’s dinner. Opt for feeders with secure locks and sensors to deter wildlife.

Eco-friendly Options:

  • Recyclable materials (2)
  • Low-energy consumption design

Remember, it’s not just about feeding; it’s about caring for your cat and the environment. Happy choosing!

Security and Wildlife Deterrence

cat's food security

Innovative Security Features

Your cat’s meals should be just for them, right? Thankfully, manufacturers have thought this through and added some clever features:

  • Locking mechanisms: These ensure that food is accessible only to your cat and not the neighborhood bandit-masked raccoons.
  • Motion-activated sensors: These nifty gadgets detect your cat’s approach and unlock the feeder, keeping the food secure from other animals. (3)

Not convinced? Let’s look at how well these feeders actually work.

Real-World Effectiveness

It’s one thing to list features and another to see them in action. Check out these real stories from users who have tested these feeders:

  • A family reported that their local squirrels gave up after multiple failed attempts to access the feeder.
  • In another case, a cat feeder with a sturdy locking mechanism resisted the curious paws of a wandering raccoon.

These testimonials show that the right feeder can make all the difference. Your furry friend gets to dine in peace, and you get to rest easy, knowing the local wildlife isn’t turning your patio into a buffet.

With the right outdoor automatic cat feeder, your cat’s food security is no joke, and neither is the peace of mind that comes with it.

Advanced Features and Tech Integration

high-tech feeder

Smart Home Compatibility

Are you in love with your smart home devices? Cool, because now your cat feeder can be part of that family.

With integration available for both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can manage your pet’s feeding schedule with just your voice. “Alexa, feed Mr. Whiskers at 5 PM, please!” (4)

Setting up your new high-tech feeder is a breeze. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the app, and if you hit a snag, don’t fret—the troubleshooting guides have got your back.

Customization for Special Dietary Needs

Not all cats have the same dietary needs, and yours deserves a personalized meal plan.

Tailor the portion control to manage weight or health issues with ease. Schedule meals for your furry friend that cater to their specific needs—whether it’s small frequent meals or controlled portion sizes.

  • Create a meal plan
  • Define portion sizes
  • Schedule feeding times

Isn’t that nifty? Your cat stays healthy, and you stay worry-free. Oh, and did I mention you can do it all from your smartphone? (5)

That’s right, change meal plans on the go if your plans change—talk about flexibility!

With these advanced features, not only do you ensure your cat stays well-fed, but you also immerse yourself in the ever-growing smart home culture.

Your outdoor automatic cat feeder isn’t just a gadget; it’s an intelligent companion in your pet care routine.

Sustainability and Health

a happy cat and a happy Earth

Let’s chat about the materials.

You want something durable, right? But also, think about recycled materials and non-toxic cleaning agents for a minute. (6)

They’re kinder to Mother Earth and safe for your furry pals, making sure no harsh chemicals contaminate their kibble.

Material FeaturesHealth Benefits
Recycled PlasticReduces landfill waste
Stainless SteelEasy to clean, more hygienic
BPA-FreePrevents chemical leeching

But sustainability isn’t just about materials; it’s also about the longevity of the product. A feeder that lasts a long time is better than one you have to replace every year, isn’t it?

So, you’ll want to look for long-term reliability.

Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your cat’s dinner running smoothly:

  • Regularly clean food dispensing parts to prevent jamming.
  • Check for firmware updates if it’s a smart feeder.
  • Replace batteries or check solar panels, if applicable, to ensure uninterrupted feeding.

Ever considered what happens during a power cut or when the Wi-Fi is down? Your clever little machine should have some form of emergency and backup features.

Something like a battery backup or manual feeding option can be a real day-saver! Remember, a good feeder takes care of your cat’s tummy and the planet.

A bit of thought into choosing the right one can make a happy cat and a happy Earth!

Setting Up and Using Your Feeder

it's time to program your feeder

Installation and Programming

Got your shiny new automatic cat feeder? Let’s get it up and running!

First things first, pick a spot that’s dry and out of the way. You don’t want your furry pal or any uninvited critters knocking it over.

Quick Steps:

  1. Place it on a flat surface.
  2. Secure the feeder to prevent tipping.
  3. Insert batteries or plug it in.

Now, for a bit of tech magic.

Grab the manual—yeah, it’s time to program your feeder. Set the meal sizes and times to keep Kitty’s tummy happy and healthy.

It might take a few tries, but you’ve got this!

  • Meal Settings: Adjust portions based on your cat’s diet.
  • Timing: Schedule meals at consistent times.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Uh-oh, hit a snag? Don’t sweat it!

If your feeder isn’t dispensing food properly, check for:

  • Blockages: Clear any jammed kibble.
  • Power: Confirm the feeder is on and juiced up.

Baffles a bit off? Make sure everything inside is aligned. And remember, if the feeder acts up, a reset can often do the trick.

Just find that tiny reset button, give it a press, and say ‘voila!’

Need a Hand? Don’t hesitate to consult the manufacturer’s customer service or online forums for help. Fellow cat lovers are usually eager to share their wisdom!

So there you have it. With a bit of set-up and troubleshooting know-how, you and your cat will be enjoying

the wonders of automated dining. Happy feeding!

Enhancing Your Cat’s Feeding Experience

ensure your feeder stays hygienic

Real-World User Experiences

Many cat owners swear by the reliability of their outdoor automatic cat feeders.

Imagine setting up the device and observing how your feline friend adapts to this new routine. Cats are creatures of habit, after all.

Users frequently share stories of how their pets have come to anticipate the sound of the feeder, ready for their meal to be served right on schedule.

Testimonials on Long-Term Use and Reliability

Cats can be picky, but an automatic feeder does wonders for consistency.

Jane from Austin reports her Persian has been healthier since she started using an automatic feeder over two years ago.

Consistent portion control and timely meals contributed to this positive change.

The devices are generally durable, with some lasting several years without any significant issues or malfunctions, as shared by many testimonies online.

Maintenance and Cleaning
To ensure your feeder stays hygienic and operational:

  1. Empty and clean the food hopper once a week.
  2. Wipe down the feeding dish daily.
  3. Schedule a deep clean monthly – disassemble and wash all non-electronic parts.
  4. Check for blockages or wear and tear regularly.

Remember, a clean feeder is a reliable feeder. Plus, your cat surely appreciates a sparkling bowl!

Regular maintenance is not just about cleanliness but also ensures the feeder operates smoothly over the years.

A well-kept feeder is less likely to break down or malfunction, which means it’s more dependable for your kitty’s meals.

Did you know? Cats often prefer their food at room temperature – just like prey would be in the wild.

Many automatic feeders include a feature to keep food fresh, which can enhance the overall dining experience for your feline companion.

Don’t you think your cat deserves the delight of a reliable, clean, and engaging dining experience every day?

With the right automatic feeder, you can make that happen.

Buying Guide

the best outdoor automatic cat feeder

Capacity: How Much Can It Hold?

Ask yourself, how many cats are you feeding? The capacity of the feeder dictates how often you’ll need to refill it.

For multiple cats, a larger capacity is better to ensure no one goes hungry.

  • Small (1-2 cats): Usually holds around 1-3 pounds of dry food.
  • Medium (3-5 cats): Can hold about 4-6 pounds of dry food.
  • Large (5+ cats): Look for feeders that hold 10 pounds or more.

Durability: Will It Last?

Are your cats playful or maybe a bit rough? You’ll want a feeder that’s tough enough to stand up to their antics.

  • Materials:
    • Plastic: Lightweight and often cheaper, but ensure it’s heavy-duty.
    • Metal: More durable and typically resists cat tampering. (7)

Power Source: Battery or Electric?

You don’t want your cats to miss a meal if the power goes out, right?

  • Battery-Operated: Great for reliability, usually with a backup option.
  • Electric: Requires a power source, but often comes with more features.

Both types should have a low battery or power indicator.

Meal Customization: Is It Flexible?

Your cat’s diet is important, isn’t it?

Check if the feeder allows you to adjust portion sizes and meal frequency for a tailored dining experience.

  • Portion Control: Ability to program exact serving sizes.
  • Meal Scheduling: Can you set meals at specific times?

Weather Resistance: Can It Handle the Outdoors?

If this feeder is living outside, you’ll want it to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

  • Waterproofing: Essential for electronic feeders.
  • Sturdy Design: Make sure it won’t tip over in the wind.

Ease of Cleaning: Can You Keep It Clean Quickly?

You’re busy, so you need a feeder that’s a breeze to clean.

  • Dishwasher-Safe: Saves your time and ensures thorough cleaning.
  • Detachable Components: Makes it easier to dismantle and scrub.

Smart Features: Want a Tech-Savvy Feeder?

Are you a fan of smart home gadgets? Some feeders are tech-loaded for your convenience.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Monitor and adjust feeding from your phone.
  • Voice Recording: Call your cats to eat with a familiar voice.

Choose based on how tech-comfortable you are, and remember, these features might need a bit of a learning curve.

Warranty and Support: Better Safe Than Sorry, Right?

Lastly, look for a feeder with solid customer support and a warranty.

A good warranty can give you peace of mind, ensuring help is there if you encounter issues.

  • Warranty Duration: Typically ranges from a few months to a few years.
  • Customer Support: Responsive help can be a lifesaver for troubleshooting.

Happy feeding!

Remember, the best outdoor automatic cat feeder is one that fits both your feline friends’ needs and your own lifestyle.

Quick Recap

using an outdoor automatic cat feeder

Here’s a no-frills recap to ensure you’ve got the essentials about choosing and using an outdoor automatic cat feeder:

  • Capacity & Portion Size: Your feeder should hold enough food for your cat’s needs and dispense meals in the right quantities.
  • Durability & Security: Opt for a feeder that can withstand outdoor elements and clever paws trying to score extra treats.
  • Power Source: Consider whether a battery-operated or a plug-in model suits your outdoor setting best.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Make cleaning a breeze by choosing a feeder with dishwasher-safe components.
  • Scheduling & Programming: Your feeder should allow flexible meal scheduling to mimic your cat’s natural feeding habits.
  • Camera & Connectivity: Some models offer the ability to check on your furry friend remotely, adding peace of mind.
  • Budget: There’s a feeder out there for every budget—don’t feel you have to break the bank!

Remember to keep these pointers in mind as they’ll serve you well in your quest for that purrfect outdoor automatic cat feeder.

Got all that? Perfect! Now you’re all set to make an informed decision that ensures your kitty stays well-fed, no matter the weather or your schedule. Here’s to happy, healthy felines and the convenience of modern pet care!

Frequently Asked Questions

looking for an outdoor automatic cat feeder

When you’re looking for an outdoor automatic cat feeder, particularly for multiple cats or a feral colony, you need specifics to guide your choice. Let’s tackle some of your top questions with clear-cut answers.

How do I choose the best outdoor automatic cat feeder for multiple cats or a feral colony?

First things first, for feeding multiple cats or a feral colony, you’ll want a feeder with a large food capacity and multiple feeding bowls.

Seek out models designed to dispense food at adjustable intervals to accommodate the eating habits of several cats.

What features should I look for in an outdoor automatic cat feeder to ensure it’s weather-resistant?

Make sure the feeder you choose is built with durable materials such as stainless steel or high-grade plastic.

It should have a waterproof design, sealed food reservoirs, and a secure lid to withstand rain and moisture.

Can outdoor automatic cat feeders be integrated with smart home systems?

Yes, some modern feeders offer smart features allowing them to connect with home Wi-Fi and be controlled via smartphone apps.

You can receive notifications about feeding times and food levels, and make adjustments remotely.

How can I prevent wildlife from accessing the cat feeder?

Look for feeders with secure locking mechanisms and designs that only allow access to cats, often through weight sensors or microchip recognition.

Placing the feeder in an elevated position or enclosed space can also help deter wildlife.

Are there eco-friendly outdoor automatic cat feeders?

Look for feeders with secure locking mechanisms and designs that only allow access to cats, often through weight sensors or microchip recognition.

Placing the feeder in an elevated position or enclosed space can also help deter wildlife.

What duration can an outdoor automatic feeder sustain my cat’s needs while I’m away?

Most high-quality feeders can hold enough food to feed your cat for at least a week. Some models are capable of sustaining longer periods.

It’s essential to check the capacity and feeding schedule to ensure your cat’s needs are met while you’re away.


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