Discover 7 Best Cat GPS Trackers: No More Lost Kitties!

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GPS trackers have become a popular tool for pet owners seeking peace of mind when it comes to keeping track of your cat’s movements throughout the day and making sure she’s getting the activity she needs and staying out of trouble.

These small tracker devices can be a game-changer, especially for cat owners whose adventurous kitties love to roam the neighborhood or beyond.

Imagine never having to worry about where Mr. Whiskers has wandered off to—thanks to the wonders of GPS technology and additional features (activity tracking, virtual boundaries, etc.), keeping tabs on your cat’s whereabouts and activity monitor in real-time is easier than ever.

Another essential feature is the ability to access your cat’s location history.

This can be a valuable tool in understanding your cat’s habits and favorite spots, helping you keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Opting for a GPS tracker for your feline companion is more than just a matter of convenience.

It’s about ensuring their safety and your own tranquility. When shopping for the best cat GPS tracker, the size of the device, its weight, and the comfort it offers your pet, including attaching it to your cat’s collar, are paramount.

You also want a tracker with accurate location reporting, long-lasting battery life, and user-friendly features for monitoring your cat’s location, including cat tracking.

Don’t forget to consider waterproof ratings and range limits, as these specs are critical for outdoor durability and functionality.

The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker, known as the tractive cat gps tracker, may be affordable, but it’s packed with all the features you could ask for.

It can even come with a cat collar or just as a collar attachment. It’s mostly similar to their famous dog GPS tracker, but the cat collar is specially designed to be safe from snagging and stop cats from wiggling out of it.

With unlimited range, you can track your cat’s location with live mode updates every 2-3 seconds. It is our top pick for the best cat GPS tracker.

So, have you ever been left scratching your head, wondering where on earth your cat’s off to now?

Say goodbye to those worrisome moments.

With the right cat GPS tracker, you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Let’s leap into the world of these pint-sized pet guardians and find the perfect match for your adventurous cat.

Our Top Picks For Cat GPS Tracker

Ever worried about your adventurous kitty’s whereabouts? Relax, because I’ve got a whisker-worthy lineup of the best Cat GPS trackers ready for you!

#1 – TabCat Homing Tags

Ever lost your furry friend and panicked? The TabCat Homing Tags v2 is your go-to gadget for such times, guiding you to your feline like a treasure hunt.

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Have you ever tried playing hide and seek with your cat, only to end up on the losing side?

Enter the TabCat, a game-changer in the world of pet tracking, turning your feline hide-and-seek woes into delightful neighborhood adventures.

Imagine this: your cat, a master of disguise, vanishes. You grab the TabCat handset. It beeps, it lights up, and suddenly, you’re not just searching; you’re on a thrilling quest.

The signals guide you, step by step, to the elusive Mr. Whiskers, found lounging in a neighbor’s shed, unaware of the fun he’s sparked.

Here’s the kicker: no extra monthly bills!

Pet expenses pile up fast, but the TabCat offers a breath of financial relief.

Enter the TabCat, a game-changer in the world of pet tracking

It’s like a gift that keeps giving, without those pesky subscription fees. You’ll find your wallet breathing a sigh of relief.

And the battery life?

Nothing short of a miracle.

It lasts so long that you’ll spend more days enjoying your feline friend’s antics than worrying about recharging.

Fitting Mr. Whiskers with the TabCat? Easier than you’d think.

He’s not the type to enjoy fashion statements, but this tracker?

It’s different. Small, light, practically invisible. He hardly noticed it, just a quick sniff and off to his adventures.

The best part? Training him to respond to the TabCat’s beep. It’s like a secret call, a game we play.

He hears it, and back he comes, strutting down the street, the king of his concrete jungle.

The TabCat, in essence, is not just a tracker; it’s an invitation to a world where losing your cat becomes a joyful journey of reconnection.

Putting on the TabCat is a breeze, which was great because Mr. Whiskers isn’t big on accessorizing.

Its discrete size and feather-like weight meant he barely gave it a second sniff.

And training him to return at the beep has been a game-changer; he strutted back home like he owned the streets!

#2 – Tractive GPS for Cats

With the Tractive GPS, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing exactly where your feline friend frolics, and their fitness levels too.

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Have you ever found yourself wondering about the mysterious escapades of your cat when they’re out on the prowl?

The Tractive GPS Tracker is here to ease those worries.

It seamlessly becomes a part of their collar, so light and unobtrusive that your feline friend hardly knows it’s there as they explore every nook and cranny of the neighborhood.

Ever curious if your cat is secretly an Olympic-level athlete or more of a lounge-around-the-house type?

The tracker’s activity monitoring feature is a revelation.

It not only tracks your cat’s movements but also lets you see how they stack up against other adventurous cats.

Our Top Picks For Cat GPS Tracker

Suddenly, you’re not just a pet owner; you’re a tech-savvy, informed cat enthusiast.

The thrill doesn’t end there.

Setting up ‘safe zones’ feels like something straight out of a spy movie.

The moment your furry explorer decides to embark on an unexpected journey, you get an alert. And rain? No problem.

The tracker’s waterproof design means your cat’s rainy day escapades are still on the radar.

It’s more than just keeping tabs on your cat; it’s about being connected to their world in a way that’s both responsible and utterly cool.

The Tractive GPS Tracker isn’t just a gadget; it’s your entry into the secret life of your cat, wrapped in sleek, sophisticated tech.

#3 – PawGaze Peppy Finder

This tracker is a game-changer if you’re bent on keeping tabs on your feline friend without the extra fees.

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Strapping on the PawGaze tracker to your cat is like stepping into a world of top-tier tranquility, all without breaking the bank.

It’s an Apple-friendly device that nails precision tracking, and guess what?

It’s sleek enough that even the most Houdini-like of cats won’t mind wearing it.

Those early-morning or late-night cat adventures?

They’re a breeze now.

The collar’s got this nifty reflective glow, making your furry friend easy to spot.

And when you’re really not in the mood for a game of hide-and-seek, the sound feature is your best friend.

It’s true, the gadget is exclusive to Apple AirTag users, which might be a bummer for some.

But if you’re already in the Apple club, it’s a match made in heaven.

You can even add your cat’s name and your contact info for that extra touch of security.

If you’re juggling multiple pets, the one-tracker-per-device rule might seem like a downer.

But once you see how effortlessly your cat moves with this lightweight tag, it hardly seems like a big deal.

And can we talk about the battery life? A whole year without fussing over charging – that’s the dream.

A little tip: getting the tracker set up is super easy once you get the hang of the manual. And here’s a bonus – measuring your cat’s neck for the perfect fit means extra snuggle time.

With PawGaze, it feels like those days of worrying about where your cat’s off to are a thing of the past.

#4 – Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

I just brought in a new feline friend and am concerned about them getting lost. The Tracki Mini GPS Tracker could be the safety net you need.

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Honestly, when my cat decides to go on her little escapades, having the Tracki Mini is so reassuring.

With the “chase mode” feature, updates come flying in every 5 seconds, helping me pinpoint her location swift and easy.

The incorporation of live tracking and location history on your phone enables you to follow your cat’s every step in real-time.

The community aspect is quite handy too; it’s like having a search party at your fingertips to locate your lost pet!

This little device has been a game-changer for my peace of mind.

It’s really tiny and my cat doesn’t seem to mind it. While it’s super light, it doesn’t skimp on durability—this thing is tough and waterproof.

Alright, let’s talk batteries.

The Tracki Mini doesn’t last forever without a charge; you’ll need to plug it in every few days.

But considering how swiftly and effectively I can track down my furball, it’s a small inconvenience for a big relief.

They say one in three pets become lost, and this waterproof wonder ensures my cat won’t be part of that statistic.

#5 – Compact Cat Locator

This little tracker could be your best bet for keeping tabs on your adventurous feline without any extra fees.

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I recently strapped this GPS collar, called the Dgerp AirTag Cat Collar, to my mischievous tabby.

The fact that there were zero subscription charges was a breath of fresh air.

With the quick setup connected to my iPhone, I had her whereabouts in the palm of my hand.

I can’t stress enough how cozy she seemed with the cat collar on – a major plus for picky pets!

Bluetooth trackers, including the Girafus Cat Tracker RF with radio frequency, are often the cheapest.

However, if you’re looking for accurate live tracking on an LTE cellular network with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, the Fitbark GPS Tracker (2nd Gen) is one of the best options.

With improved battery life, lasting up to 60 days on a single charge, it provides peace of mind and safety for your furry friend, including indoor cats.

Another popular option for indoor tracking is the Tile tracker, which ranks third on the list of cat GPS trackers.

If your primary goal is to track your cat indoors, Tile might be the best option for you. In 2019, Tile launched a campaign in partnership with “The Secret Life of Pets” offering limited edition Bluetooth trackers designed specifically for pets, and I ordered one.

Despite being a pro at hide-and-seek, she couldn’t outsmart this nifty device.

Although I did appreciate the integration with Apple Find My, it’s worth noting Android buddies can’t join the tracking party.

So, make sure you’re running with the Apple crowd first!

Battery life can be a dicey affair; in my case, it was a roller coaster.

While the initial performance was impressive, I saw some weakening a couple of days in.

Waterproof and adjustable, robustness should’ve been its middle name, but I experienced some issues questioning its long-term companionship.

Do curious paws at home wander off too often?

This GPS collar might just save your day, but keep in mind, things aren’t purrrfect – especially if you’re not an iPhone user.

#6 – Cat Tailer Tracker

If your cuddly companion loves a bit of hide-and-seek, the Cat Tailer Tracker can be your ally, keeping tabs on the feline escapades.

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I recently had the chance to use the Cat Tailer Tracker on my little adventure seeker.

Have you ever felt that mini heart attack when your furry friend goes off the grid?

Well, this gadget can ease that angst a little.

Cat Tailer Tracker review

Finding Fluffy is far simpler with this tag. Whether scouring the backyard or checking the basement, the Bluetooth connectivity came in handy, although the range has limits.

It’s comforting to know that you’re closer to a reunion once they’re in that 328-foot bubble.

Setting up was a breeze. Pairing the tag with my phone took minutes, and the app’s interface is intuitive.

Just don’t expect it to map out your cat’s secret hangouts; it’ll tell you you’re getting warmer, but pinpoint accuracy isn’t its strong suit.

Remember, expecting it to track your little explorer’s every move city-wide would be unrealistic—it’s not a GPS.

Yet, for close-range peace of mind, the Cat Tailer delivers, especially with its one-year warranty and genuine U.S. support from the folks at Ambystoma Labs.

#7 – FEEYAR Collar with AirTag

If you’re tired of playing hide and seek with your furry friend, this nifty gadget has your back and eases your mind.

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Upon clasping the FEEYAR collar around my cat’s neck, its snug fit for the AirTag was immediately evident.

The little bell made for a charming addition, giving a gentle jingle as my cat sauntered around the house.

FEEYAR Collar with AirTag

Outdoors, the reflective bands caught the moonlight, a small yet significant feature that made spotting my cat a breeze.

Comfort-wise, my furry pal seemed indifferent to its new accessory, a sign that spoke volumes about the lightweight design.

Its robust buckle and adjustable strap will have you rest assured that your escape artist is both secure and sprightly.

The FEEYAR collar manages to blend safety, comfort, and technology in a way that assures your pet’s adventures end safely back in your arms.

Expert Tips from Dr. Felicity, DVM

Dr. Felicity , a renowned veterinarian with expertise in feline behavior, offers helpful suggestions for cat owners considering GPS trackers:

  1. Safety Features: Dr. Felicity could recommend GPS trackers with geofencing and real-time tracking to ensure the cat’s safety. For example, the ‘Tractive GPS Tracker‘ offers such features.
  2. Health Monitoring: The importance of trackers with activity monitoring features to keep tabs on the cat’s fitness and health levels.
  3. Ease of Use: Emphasis on user-friendly interfaces for tracking apps, ensuring owners can easily monitor their cats without technical difficulties.
  4. Durability and Waterproofing: Suggesting trackers that are durable and waterproof, for outdoor cats who explore various environments.
  5. Battery Life: Stressing the need for long battery life to avoid frequent recharging, as seen in devices.
  6. Non-Invasive Design: Highlighting the importance of non-intrusive, comfortable designs that won’t affect the cat’s daily activities or cause discomfort.

Buying Guide For Best Cat Gps Tracker

Key Features

light weight gps cat tracker

Thinking about keeping tabs on your adventurous feline friend? Choosing the right GPS tracker is crucial for peace of mind.

Size & Weight: You want your cat to be comfy, right? Look for a lightweight and compact tracker. Your cat won’t even notice it’s there!

Battery Life: Who wants to charge a tracker every day? Aim for a tracker with several days of battery life. Less hassle for you, more exploring for your cat.

Range & Accuracy: How far can your cat roam? Make sure the tracker’s range matches your cat’s wanderlust and provides precise location details.

Water Resistance: Cats despise water, but curiosity could lead to a splash. A water-resistant tracker is a must for those just-in-case moments.

Safe Zones & Alerts: Worried about your kitty’s whereabouts? Set up safe zones and get instant alerts if your pal decides to go on an unplanned expedition.

Price vs. Quality

Budget tight? Don’t worry. You can find a tracker that won’t break the bank, but remember, investing a bit more usually brings better features and reliability.

Subscription Services

Some GPS trackers require a monthly fee. Consider if the ongoing costs are worth the additional services like real-time tracking and historical data.


Ease of use can be a game-changer. Look for an intuitive app interface where you can monitor your cat’s location and manage settings effortlessly.

ConsiderationWhy It’s Important
Size & WeightComfort for your cat
Battery LifeConvenience for you
Range & AccuracyTo keep track of roaming felines
Water ResistanceProtection from the elements
Safe Zones & AlertsTo keep your pal within boundaries
Price vs. QualityBalance cost with value
Subscription ServiceEvaluate ongoing costs
UsabilityFor stress-free tracking

Remember, you know your furry friend best. Weigh these features based on what will keep your kitty safe and you informed. Happy tracking!

Frequently Asked Questions

In the world of cat GPS trackers, you’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! Here are the burning questions cat owners like you are asking, answered with precision, no fluff, and a touch of purr-sonality.

Why is the size and weight of a cat GPS tracker important?

As a cat owner, I understand how crucial my cat’s comfort is. Cats are sensitive creatures, and a heavy or bulky tracker could be annoying for them. I need a tracker that’s lightweight and won’t hinder my cat’s natural activities like climbing or jumping.

How does a cat GPS tracker ensure my cat’s comfort?

The ideal tracker should be designed to fit seamlessly with my cat’s collar, almost like it’s not there. It shouldn’t rub against their skin or cause any irritation, ensuring my furry friend stays comfortable all day long.

What should I look for in terms of battery life in a cat GPS tracker?

I don’t want the hassle of charging a tracker every day. A long-lasting battery is essential for me to continuously monitor my cat without frequent interruptions. I’m looking for something that lasts at least several days on a single charge.

How is a cat GPS tracker convenient for me as a pet owner?

I need something that’s simple to use. A tracker with a straightforward app interface where I can quickly check my cat’s location would be ideal. Extra features like health monitoring would be a bonus but not a deal-breaker.

Why is range and accuracy important in a cat GPS tracker?

My cat loves to explore outdoors. A tracker with a wide range and precise accuracy is crucial to keep tabs on her adventures and ensure she’s safe, especially if she wanders off too far.

How does water resistance benefit a cat GPS tracker?

Since my cat doesn’t shy away from a bit of rain or jumping into puddles, a water-resistant tracker is non-negotiable. It needs to withstand various weather conditions without malfunctioning.

What are ‘safe zones’ and ‘alerts’ in a cat GPS tracker?

Setting up ‘safe zones’ gives me peace of mind. If my cat strays too far from these areas, I want to be alerted immediately. It’s a safety net that allows her some freedom while keeping her within safe boundaries.

How do I balance price and quality in a cat GPS tracker?

While I’m budget-conscious, I also understand that paying a bit more can often mean better quality and more reliable features. It’s a balance of not overspending but also not compromising on my cat’s safety.

Should I consider subscription services for cat GPS trackers?

I’m wary of ongoing costs. If a subscription service offers significant additional benefits, I might consider it, but it needs to justify the ongoing expense.

What makes a cat GPS tracker user-friendly?

As someone who isn’t extremely tech-savvy, I need a tracker that’s easy to set up and use. A simple, intuitive interface and reliable tracking capabilities are what I look for in a user-friendly device.


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