7 Best Automatic Cat Feeder Multiple Cats (Tested!)

7 Best Automatic Cat Feeder Multiple Cats: Discover Peace!

If you’re a cat owner with multiple furry friends, navigating the mealtime mayhem can be quite a challenge.

On one paw, you have to ensure that each cat is fed the right amount without any squabbles or food theft. On the other, your busy schedule might not always align with their dining demands.

Time to try automatic cat feeders for multiple cats—a nifty solution that can ease your burden and keep your kitties content and well-fed. (1)

These devices are designed to dispense food at scheduled intervals, ensuring that each cat gets their fair share without any mix-ups.

Whether you’re at work, asleep, or away, your cats’ dietary needs can be managed with precision.

It’s a perfect way to maintain a routine, control portions, and even manage dietary restrictions for some cats without being present.

Now, before you dive in and purchase one, consider the key features: individual feeding stations, programmable timers, food capacity, and type of food the feeder accepts.

The material is important too—it should be durable and easy to clean.

Security features to prevent your clever cat from breaking in for an extra snack are also crucial.

With those factors in mind, let’s press paw-se on the small talk and leap right into finding the best automatic cat feeder for your feline companions.

This could be the stepping stone to a more harmonious home, keeping your cats’ tummies full and your mind at ease.

7 Top Automatic Cat Feeder Multiple Cats

Managing mealtime for your furry friends is no small feat, especially when there’s more than one kitty calling your house their home.

Ever faced the challenge of juggling multiple diets or conflicting feeding schedules?

Well, fret no more! The world of automatic cat feeders has evolved, offering solutions that cater to the unique needs of multi-cat households.

Providing peace of mind, these gadgets ensure that each of your whiskered companions gets the right amount of food at the right time, even when you’re not around.

Up next, a carefully curated selection of automatic cat feeders that are perfect for homes with multiple paws.

Let’s help you take one more chore off your list – your cats will thank you (with purrs and cuddles, we hope!).

#1 – HoneyGuaridan Dual Cat Feeder

automatic cat feeder multiple cats

Imagine the peace of mind you’d get knowing your furry friends are fed right on time, every day, even if you’re not home!

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Looking after your cats’ dietary needs can be quite a breeze with the HoneyGuaridan 3.5L Automatic Cat Feeder.

The innovative dual-side feeding system means both of your cats can enjoy their meals without nudging each other aside – a godsend for pet parents tired of refereeing mealtime tussles!

The device’s rubber seal and desiccant bag work tirelessly to keep your cat’s kibble as crisp and delicious as the day it was opened. That’s not just smart; it’s palate-pleasing too!

Plus, the sealed revolving door design is like a tiny, vigilant guard keeping pesky ants and insects away from your cat’s feast.

You may dread fumbling over buttons and manuals, but setting up this feeder is straightforward, and regular cleaning is a snap with its detachable parts.

And let’s talk about adaptability: a dual power function means no jitters about power cuts.

Should the lights go out, your cats won’t even notice as their feeding schedule continues uninterrupted, thanks to battery backup.

So, you’re out on an impromptu adventure, but your cats? They’re well-fed, content, and none the wiser. Isn’t that what we call a win-win?

#2 – Rellorus Twin Feeder

Rellorus Twin Feeder

If you’ve got a pair of furry friends at home and want a hassle-free feeding solution, the Rellorus Twin Feeder could be a smart addition to your household.

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Let’s talk about keeping your kitties chuffed when mealtimes roll around!

You’re out living your busy life, but what about Mittens and Whiskers back home? The Rellorus Twin Feeder steps up to the plate—literally.

With the flexibility to dispense up to 6 meals a day and adjust portion sizes, it’s like having a personal cat butler.

Did I mention a 5L tank? Think about it—that’s a lot of kibble!

Whether you’re on a weekend getaway or stuck at the office, your cats won’t give you the cold shoulder for an empty bowl. They’ll be content and fed, all thanks to this nifty machine.

And if you miss telling them it’s dinner time, worry not! Your recorded message will make them feel like you’re right there.

But hey, we’ve got to admit, not everything’s purr-fect.

Getting the hang of setting up this gadget might test your patience a tad. And while it’s a bummer the D-size batteries aren’t part of the deal, that’s just another item on the shopping list.

Plus, if you’re not super tech-savvy, there might be a learning curve with the programming. But once you’ve got the knack, it’ll be a breeze!

In a nutshell, Rellorus Twin Feeder could be your go-to pal for keeping your cat clan silky, sassy, and sated without any ruckus.

#3 – Voluas Feeder for Two

Voluas Feeder for Two

If you’re juggling a busy schedule and have two cats to feed, this automatic feeder could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Ever find yourself wondering how to keep your feline friends fed with a consistent schedule?

The Voluas Automatic Cat Feeders can take that task off your plate. It’s crafted to support your cats’ health, dishing out balanced portions without fail.

Imagine no more early morning wake-up calls; your pets will be taken care of, letting you catch some well-deserved extra sleep.

Cats have their quirks, don’t they? But when it comes to mealtime, they can be surprisingly cooperative.

That’s where this feeder shines – it distributes food to both cats at once, which means there’s less chance of squabbles.

And with the ability to leave a 10-second personalized message, you can call them to the table just like you would if you were home.

Speaking of convenience, what happens when the power goes out? No worries here.

There’s a nifty memory feature that keeps your feeding schedule locked in, rain or shine, power or no power. So, you can rest easy on that front.

Remember, even the smartest devices need a little human touch sometimes.

So take the time to figure out those portion sizes, and make sure the lock screen is set just right. Your kitties are counting on you!

#4 – Smart Cat Pal

Smart Cat Pal

Looking to simplify your pet care routine? The Smart Cat Pal might just be the gadget you need in your life.

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Feeding your fur babies is a breeze with Smart Cat Pal. Its 4L capacity is a game-changer for busy pet parents.

Whether you’re stuck at the office or away on a short trip, your kitties won’t miss a meal. Plus, adjusting portion sizes helps prevent overfeeding, so your pets stay healthy and happy.

Ever wished you could call your cats for dinner, even when you’re not home? The Smart Cat Pal’s personalized voice recording does just that.

Your voice can comfort and summon your pets to a tasty mealtime, ensuring they feel loved even when you’re apart.

Power interruptions won’t leave your pets hungry, thanks to the machine’s dual power supply.

Smart Cat Pal keeps feeding your cats without a hitch, switching over to battery power seamlessly if the electricity cuts out.

And when you’re back home, imagine the joy of being greeted by content, well-fed kitties, all thanks to this nifty feeder.

Remember, batteries aren’t included, so be prepared with a set of D-size batteries to keep the meals rolling without interruption.

Managing your pet’s diet from afar is now within reach!

However, setting up the feeder’s app can take a moment to master; patience is key.

In rare instances, Wi-Fi mishaps could shake up your pet’s routine, so keep an eye on the app’s connectivity for a fail-safe experience.

#5 – WOPET Feeder for Two

WOPET Feeder for Two

Looking for a hassle-free way to keep your feline friends fed? The WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder could be your go-to solution.

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Imagine waking up to the peace of mind that your cats are fed and happy, even before you’ve had your first cup of coffee.

The WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder for 2 Cats offers convenience and the personal touch of a meal call recording.

It’s a great match for tech-savvy cat parents who relish the idea of smart home gadgets.

Consider the apprehension one might have with new pet tech.

Rest assured, setting up the connection with the 5G WiFi is smoother than you might expect.

The app isn’t just a fancy remote; it’s the key to customizing diet plans tailored to your feline companions’ health requirements.

But what happens if you’re not around and the device encounters a hitch?

WOPET’s self-correcting mechanism kicks in, resolving any potential jam without the need for you to intervene.

Your cats stay fed, and you stay worry-free.

Do exercise caution, however, as not everyone is comfortable with navigating app-based devices.

Additionally, the absence of rechargeable batteries means keeping a stock of spares or ensuring a reliable backup power supply is available.

Lastly, while the WOPET feeder is ideal for small to medium-sized pets, those with larger breeds may have to seek alternatives.

To wrap it up, with a 4.3-star rating and 46 total reviews, this automatic feeder seems to be a hit among pet parents.

Throw in the ease of cleaning and a sophisticated stainless steel bowl, and you’ve got a modern solution for the age-old issue of dual cat feeding.

Whether you’re on a business trip or striving for a streamlined feeding routine, the WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder could be a solid pick.

#6 – Oneisall Cat Companion

Oneisall Cat Companion

Considering the balanced combination of user-friendliness and functionality, the Oneisall Automatic Feeder is a solid choice for multi-cat households.

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When it’s mealtime for your feline friends, peace and quiet are probably on your wishlist.

With separate bowls designed to keep the peace, Oneisall’s automatic cat feeder lets each of your cats have their own space without a spat.

Imagine the serenity of not playing referee at food o’clock!

Ensuring your cats are fed while you’re away can be a tall order, especially when appetite sizes vary.

This feeder’s generous 5L capacity means your whiskered companions will have enough to munch on, whether you’re out for a day or on a week-long vacation.

No more guilt pangs leaving them alone!

Recording your voice to call your cats to eat? How endearing is that!

With the 10-second message feature, your cats won’t miss your dinner bell even when you’re not home.

Just remember, this sleek meal machine does need a power source, so plan accordingly for those occasional power outages.

#7 – PETLIBRO Dual Tray Feeder

PETLIBRO Dual Tray Feeder

Deciding on this smart feeder could be a game-changer for your multi-cat household, especially if you treasure both convenience and connectedness.

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Imagine you’re on a vacation, but your kitties are home, and you’re missing them.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to watch them munch on their kibble through a clear, high-definition camera?

That’s exactly what you get, along with a sweeping 145° view and the ability to have a two-way chit-chat, which is perfect for those soulful meows and purrs they share when it’s mealtime.

Now, everyone talks about smart homes, but how about a smart way to feed the furballs?

With this feeder, you just hop onto the app, set up the menu, and ensure your fluffy friends get their portion-controlled meals on time, up to six times a day.

But hey, keep an eye on the food level through its transparent window; wouldn’t want the munchkins to miss a meal, would you?

However, pause for a second before pressing ‘Buy Now.’

If you’ve ever fumbled with tech gadgets, know that this feeder needs a bit of tech-savvy touch due to its advanced features and might need patience when dealing with any pesky WiFi hiccups or the need to buy an SD card for saving those adorable eating videos.

Still, isn’t it remarkable how you can keep your two darling cats well-fed and happy while you’re out hustling or having a me-time day?

It’s about giving them the best even when you’re not there, and that’s something truly special, wouldn’t you say?

Understanding the Dynamics of Feeding Multiple Cats

automatic cat feeder for multiple cats

Feeding multiple cats presents a unique set of challenges that requires your keen attention to each cat’s individual needs.

Why is meal customization essential?

  • Health and Nutrition: Dietary needs can vary dramatically from one cat to another based on age, health, and activity level. (2)
  • Personality Clashes: Just like people, cats have their own personalities, and some may bully others away from their food.
  • Food Preferences: Cats can be picky eaters, preferring specific flavors or types of food. (3)

With these challenges in mind, it becomes clear that a one-size-fits-all approach to feeding doesn’t cut it.

Here’s a handy table that might help you figure out what you should keep an eye out for:

Cat’s NeedFeeder Solution
Weight ManagementProgrammable portion sizes
Prescription DietSecure, selective access
Shy CatSeparate, quiet feeding zone
Dominant CatTimed access to prevent bullying

So, what can help you maintain peace and health in a multi-cat household?

Look for an automatic cat feeder for multiple cats that offers the ability to customize meals.

These feeders are a game-changer in ensuring that Oscar doesn’t invade Bella’s bowl or that little Lily isn’t left hungry.

Remember, your smart feeder should be like a cat-herding superhero – preventing food theft, serving up diet-specific chow, and enabling the less assertive kitties to dine in peace.

It’s about giving each of your whiskered pals their due dining dignity. No more food-related fiascos! With the right feeder, you’re set for smooth sailing on the sea of multiple-cat mealtimes.

Essential Features of Automatic Cat Feeders for Multi-Cat Homes

Advanced Technology for Individual Feeding

Advanced Technology for Individual Feeding

Ever dealt with the headache of your cats squabbling over their grub?

Say hello to Microchip or RFID Technology. These smart feeders recognize your cat’s unique ID – like a secret foodie handshake – and only open up for the rightful diner, making sure Felix doesn’t gobble up Fluffy’s portion.

  • Microchipping compatibility: Prevents food theft among pets.
  • RFID collars: Alternative for non-microchipped cats. (4)

Smart Features and Connectivity

Love gadgets? These feeders are like smartphones for your pets.

By using an app, you can:

  1. Schedule meal times precisely. (5)
  2. Track who’s eating what and how much.
  3. Adjust portion sizes on the fly. (6)

The perks? It’s almost like you’re there, minus the cat hair on your work clothes.

Design Considerations for Multiple Cats

Separate Bowls and Feeding Stations – Picture this: multiple diners with their own exclusive bowl or station.

It’s like a little cat café, minus the tiny lattes. These multi-bowl feeders ensure each whiskered pal has its own spot at the table.

Durability and Anti-Tamper Measures

Cats can be like curious toddlers. An automatic feeder in a multi-cat household has to be the Fort Knox of kibble:

  • Robust materials: No flimsy plastic that gives way to a paw swipe.
  • Anti-tamper features: Keeps the food locked down until it’s chow time.

So, if you’re blessed with a squad of kitties, opting for an automatic feeder tailored for multi-cat homes is a purr-fect way to keep the peace and their tummies happy!

Enhancing the Feeding Experience in Multi-Cat Households

feeding times and portions for each cat

Custom Scheduling and Portion Control

Isn’t it fantastic knowing you can jet off to work without that nagging worry ‘Did I feed the furballs?’ With an automatic feeder, you set precise feeding times and portions for each cat. (7)

You’re the DJ spinning the mealtime tracks, creating a harmonious rhythm for their tummies.

Your tech-savvy cat-dish can serve smaller portions to the diet-conscious kitty and more to the growing kitten, all at times they’ve become fond of. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Cat NamePortionSchedule
Whiskers1/2 cup7 AM
Mittens1/4 cup7:05 AM
Paws3/4 cup6:45 AM

Monitoring and Interaction

Miss your fur babies when you’re out? Some feeders come equipped with cameras and two-way audio. Picture this: You’re on a break, you open your phone app, and there they are, munching away.

Throw in a ‘Who’s a good kitty?’ and listen for those purr-me-back responses.

  1. Watch – Spy on Whiskers making those adorable crunching sounds.
  2. Chat – Remind Mittens that the couch isn’t for clawing, from anywhere.
  3. Capture – Snap a photo as Paws enjoys his dinner—an instant hit on your social feeds.

You’re not just feeding your cats; you’re right there with them, no matter the miles.

By personalizing their diet and keeping a virtual eye out, you’re ensuring they’re happy, healthy, and always ready to cuddle up when you get home. Isn’t that what we all want?

Maintenance and Hygiene for Automatic Cat Feeders

clean the feeder every two weeks

Frequency of Cleaning:

Do you know that feeling of freshness after spring cleaning? Your feeder wants to feel that too! Aim to clean the feeder every two weeks, or more frequently if your cats are messy eaters.

Disassembly Is Key:

  • Check for Dishwasher-Safe Parts: Many feeders have components that you can pop right into the dishwasher. Scan the manual to identify these parts.
  • Manual Cleaning: For non-dishwasher-safe parts, warm soapy water does the trick. A brush helps get to those hard-to-reach areas.

Best Practices for Keeping It Clean:

  • Routine Checks:
    • Look for rogue bits of food that may have escaped.
    • Check for any signs of mold or mildew—nasty business, that.
  • Food Storage Hygiene:
    • Keep the food hopper sealed. You don’t want stale kibble, right?
    • Use only fresh food, and if it smells funkier than a cat’s attitude, toss it!
  • General Upkeep:
    • Wipe down the exterior regularly.
    • Replace batteries or check the power source to avoid malfunctions during feeding.

Engage in these practices and not only will your automatic feeder last longer, but your multi-cat household will be a beacon of health and happiness.

Now go on, give that feeder some TLC and watch your cats purr with delight at mealtime!

Leveraging User Reviews and Testimonials

fellow cat lovers

Ease of Use:

  • Simple setup: Reviews often mention the ease of programming feeding schedules.
  • Cleaning: Users appreciate feeders that are easy to disassemble and clean.


  • Sturdiness: Testimonials highlight products that withstand the enthusiastic paws of multiple cats.
  • Reliability: Stories about feeders functioning flawlessly, especially over long periods, provide peace of mind.
FeatureUser Feedback
Portion ControlPraised for helping manage weight
Power OptionsBattery backup is a lifesaver

Multi-Cat Functionality:

  • Separate Feeding Stations: Some feeders offer multiple bowls, which is a game-changer if your furballs prefer their own space.
  • Anti-Jam Mechanisms: A lifesaver feature to ensure food is always dispensed.

Special Diets:

Feeders that accommodate individual dietary needs receive top marks. Cats with special diets are not left out! And remember, the numbers don’t lie.

Pay attention to products with a high volume of reviews and ratings – they often indicate popular choices within the community.

Now, are you ready to choose the purr-fect automatic feeder for your feline family? With these insights directly from fellow cat lovers, you’re well on your way.

Don’t forget to consider the advice on durability and functionality when you make your pick!

Common Concerns and Solutions

in the multi-cat household

Addressing Food Competition and Overeating

Worried about some of your cats gobbling up all the food while the others watch with puppy—er, kitty—eyes? It’s a common hiccup in the multi-cat household. Here’s how to keep the peace:

  • Separate Feeding Stations: Place the feeder in a location where more timid cats can access it without being bullied.
  • Microchip Access: Some feeders work with your cats’ microchips to ensure only the designated cat eats from that feeder.
  • Adjustable Portions: Control how much food each furry friend gets to prevent overeating.
  • Feed at Different Times: Stagger feeding times so each cat has its turn.

Technical Troubleshooting

What if the feeder acts more finicky than your feline friends? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back:

  • Power Outages: Use a feeder with a battery backup so your cats won’t miss a meal.
  • Connectivity Issues: A non-WiFi-enabled feeder works fine without internet but check for ones that can alert you to problems via smartphone.
  • Feeder Malfunctions: Regular maintenance can prevent many issues. Keep it clean and check the feeder’s manual for troubleshooting steps.

Buying Guide

Look for feeders that serve multiple meals

Key Features to Consider

When searching for an automatic cat feeder for multiple cats, it’s like looking for the best personal chef for your feline friends!

Let’s consider what’s on the menu for the perfect feeder.

  • Capacity: How much chow can it hold? Make sure it’s ample for your brood’s bellies.
  • Number of Meals: Hungry for control? Look for feeders that serve multiple meals a day to keep those tummies content.
  • Programming Ease: Want tech without the headache? Opt for a user-friendly interface to keep mealtime as simple as a cat’s life should be.

Build and Reliability

Cats have nine lives, but your feeder should aim to last just as long! Durability is key. It should withstand some serious feline investigation.

  • Battery vs. Electric: Ever had a power outage spoil your dinner plans? A battery backup feature can be a real day-saver for your kitties.
  • Materials: You wouldn’t want a flimsy fork, right? Neither does your cat! Look for sturdy, chew-resistant materials.
FeatureWhy It’s Important
CapacityEnsures all cats eat sufficiently
Meals per DayRegulates feeding and maintains routine
User InterfaceEasier scheduling, less hassle
Power SourceReliable feeding, come rain or shine
MaterialLongevity and resistance to curious cats

Smart Features

In the golden age of tech, why not have a feeder that’s as smart as your phone?

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Check in on snack time from anywhere. Neat, huh?
  • Camera: See their whiskers twitch with joy as they dine. Such a delight!

Meal Customization

You know each cat is unique, so why feed them like they’re all the same? Adjustable portion sizes cater to the lion and the mouse in your pride.

  • Individual Diet: Accommodates different diets because we can’t all be gluttons for the same grub!
  • Portion Control: Moderation is key, even for the greediest of kitties.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Let’s face it, cleaning up is a bore. For a no-fuss clean, find feeders that have:

  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts: Throw in, press start, and presto—clean feeder!
  • Ease of Assembly: Fewer parts, fewer puzzles, more peace of mind.

Safety and Security

Keep those paws out of the cookie jar before dinner time!

  • Locking Mechanisms: Think cat-proof vault for their kibble.
  • Feed Dispenser Security: Prevents the early bird from getting the worm, or rather, the kibble.

Remember, keeping your cats fed while you’re away shouldn’t cause a cat-astrophe.

Choose a reliable automatic feeder that suits all your and your cats’ needs, and you’ll be the hero they purr for!

Quick Recap

vet-recommended meals

Key Features:

  • Programmable schedule: Set those mealtimes like clockwork.
  • Portion control: Keep Fluffy’s waistline just right with adjustable portions.
  • Anti-jam technology: No one wants a hunger strike because the kibble got stuck!

Extra Tips:

  • Consider feeders with chip recognition or collar tags to prevent food theft.
  • Have a power backup plan, because let’s face it, cats rule even when the lights go out.
  • Think about the ease of cleaning. Whiskers are cute; mold, not so much.

Are you prioritizing their health with vet-recommended meals? Are you hoping for a little extra sleep while they breakfast? Whatever your needs, there’s a machine that’s up to the task.

Your Peace of Mind:

  • Monitor eat: some gadgets even let you watch or record mealtime antics—because who doesn’t love a good cat video?
  • Quality investment: Don’t skimp if you want reliability. Your cats (and sanity) will thank you.
Multiple meals/dayProgrammable timers
Prevent overeatingPortion control features
Feline FinickyIndividual diet catered by feeders

Remember, what’s perfect for one might be a cat-astrophe for another, so choose wisely! And just think of the convenience—more playtime and cuddles, less scooping and scheduling.

Cheers to happy, healthy cats and a smoother daily routine for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

the world of automatic cat feeders

Let’s tackle some common concerns you might have about feeding multiple kitties.

How can I ensure each of my cats gets their fair share of food with an automatic feeder?

To make sure each of your whiskered friends gets their fair portion, you might opt for feeders with multiple programmable meal times.

A feeder that dispenses a pre-measured amount of food at scheduled times is golden for keeping portions equal.

How do I prevent dominant cats from monopolizing the automatic feeder?

Aha! The old feline hierarchy challenge. Look for feeders with slow-release food options or multiple stations that can be set up at different spots.

This ensures that your less assertive cats have access to food without feeling bullied out of their meal.

Which microchip-enabled feeders are recommended for homes with multiple cats?

Microchip-enabled feeders are like bouncers at a cat club, making sure only the VIP kitties get in. The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is known for its reliability.

Each of your cats gets a microchip tag, and only the one with the right ‘ticket’ gets to eat from their personalized bowl.

Are there any smart feeders that cater to the needs of multiple cats and their differing diets?

Yes, there are! Some smart feeders can be programmed to dispense different types and amounts of food.

You might want to check out the PetSafe Smart Feed, which comes with customizable meal times and portions. Technology is tail-mazing, isn’t it?

What features should I look for in an automatic cat feeder to prevent food stealing among my cats?

To put the kibosh on food stealing, hunt for feeders with features like retractable lids, microchip recognition, and separated feeding compartments.

These nifty traits make it tough for your cat burglars to grab more than their share.

How long can an automatic feeder reliably feed my cats while I’m away?

Depends on your plans, you globe-trotter! Most high-quality automatic feeders can store enough food for at least a week and can manage feeding schedules without your input.

Just don’t forget to check water supplies and litter boxes, alright?


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