Avoid Loss: Top 7 Air Tag for Cats’ Safety in 2024

air tag for cats

In today’s connected world, the safety and monitoring of our beloved pets are more important than ever.

As a cat owner, you understand the angst that accompanies the thought of your feline friend straying too far from home.

This concern has given rise to a new category of pet safety products: smart tracking devices designed specifically for animals.

Among these, the air tag for cats stands out as a portable beacon of peace of mind, allowing you to pinpoint your pet’s location with a tap on your smartphone.

The advent of air tags, merging GPS and Bluetooth technology, has revolutionized pet care for cat owners.

These compact, lightweight devices, easily attached to a cat’s collar, provide real-time location updates, enhancing pet safety and offering peace of mind through apps like Find My on Apple devices.

While they’re a boon for tracking indoor cats or those within a close range, their limitations are evident for more adventurous, outdoor cats, where a dedicated GPS tracker might be more suitable.

Thus, choosing the right air tag involves considering factors like size, weight, battery life, and water resistance, ensuring the perfect balance between tracking efficiency and your cat’s comfort. (1)

Top Air Tags for Your Feline Friends

You’re in luck! Say hello to the world of air tags, the perfect gadget to track your furry friend’s whereabouts.

In your search for the perfect pet tracker, you might have considered using the Apple AirTag for cat adventuring to help prevent them from getting lost.

We’ve rummaged through countless reviews, consulted the pros, and even put a few to the test. The result is a purr-fectly curated list of the best air tags designed for your whiskered companion.

These tiny tech marvels are the silent sentinels that guarantee peace of mind.

Whether your cat is a backyard lounger or a neighborhood prowler, stay tuned to discover how these nifty devices can ensure that they’re always just a ‘ping’ away.

#1 Dgerp Airtag Collar

air tag for cats

If you’re a cat owner looking to keep tabs on your feline friend, this Dgerp Airtag Cat Collar is a must-have for peace of mind.

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Imagine having the ability to quickly locate your cat if they scamper off. The Dgerp Airtag Collar makes it a cinch. It’s as if your feline is sending you a GPS invitation to their secret hideout.

With your phone in hand, you can become an expert in cat hide-and-seek.

Ever had that heart-racing moment when it’s dark outside, and your kitty is nowhere in sight? This collar’s got reflective stripes that turn your cat into a furry beacon.

Suddenly, those nerve-wracking evenings turn into moments of instant relief when you spot the glow.It’s pretty clear that the creators of this collar had comfort on the agenda.

The strap adjusts, snuggling around your cat’s neck without complaint, and being as lightweight as it is, your pet barely notices it’s there.

You’ll feel comfortable too, knowing that your cat is out exploring with no fuss around their neck.

Now, while the collar scores high on comfort and visibility, there seems to be a trade-off with durability. A few overenthusiastic scratches might be all it takes for the airtag holder to show signs of wear and tear.

So, if your cat’s a bit of a wild child, you might be eating into the nine lives of this collar or harness sooner than you think.

For cats with a penchant for chewing, this collar might not hold up to the assault. That reflective strip? It’s not forever. Over time and through many adventures, it might start to come away.

Nevertheless, if you’re not dealing with a feline Houdini, these are more minor inconveniences than deal-breakers.

Overall, the Dgerp Airtag Collar could be the silent guardian for your beloved pet.

It offers the combination of safety, comfort, and the priceless ability to quickly locate them, which, for any cat owner, is the reassurance you often need.

#2 Polly Pinks Collar

Polly Pinks Collar

If you’re a cat owner looking to keep tabs on your adventurous feline, this cat collar is a reliable companion to make sure your buddy is always within virtual reach.

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Having recently tried out the Polly Pinks Collar on my own whiskered wanderer, I found it offers ease of mind with its nifty AirTag slot. It’s reassurance in a collar, really!

The breakaway buckle acted like a charm when my cat got too curious in the backyard; it snapped open without hurting her, and I could reunite with her swiftly using my iPhone’s Find My app.

I truly appreciated the collar’s waterproof feature after a typical encounter with a garden sprinkler— the AirTag remained dry as a bone.

The reflective strip is nothing short of a lifesaver during our post-sunset escapades, making sure my four-legged pal is visible to passersby.

Granted, I had to grab an AirTag separately, but once equipped, this collar transformed into a high-tech pet detective.

Take note, however, if your furry friend is particularly boisterous, you might want to keep an eye on the durability of the AirTag holder. But for the most part, it stayed put during our daily frolics.

If peace of mind and safety are atop your list, I’d say this collar is a solid bet. Just keep an eye on its size constraints and remember to purchase an AirTag to complete the setup.

Happy and safe adventures to you and your feline friend!

#3 LAFAYI Collar Combo

LAFAYI Collar Combo

If you want your feline friend to be both stylish and easy to locate, this collar is a purr-fect choice!

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Always managing to slip away to who-knows-where? Well, you’re in luck! The LAFAYI Collar Combo brings tech and fashion to your cat’s wardrobe.

Imagine a snug little space for that AirTag you’ve been meaning to put to use – this collar’s got it, and it sits right, ensuring no uncomfortable dangle for your kitty.

Ever had your heart skip a beat when the sun sets and your feline friend is nowhere to be seen? Not anymore!

With its reflective strip, you’ll spot your cat with ease under the moonlight. And hey, those muddy escapades won’t be a headache either – the collar just wipes clean!

However, life’s not always milk and catnip. Some fur parents have found the material might not be the superhero needed for the great outdoors.

A rigorous climb or a fence-scraping jaunt could test the AirTag holder’s limits. Also, keep an eye on your budget – this nifty accessory asks for a few more of your pennies.

Wave those days goodbye! This combo lets you keep tabs on your cat with your smartphone’s charm.

Just slide in the AirTag, adjust the collar, and your whiskered wanderer won’t be a whisker out of sight.

If what you’re after is a mix of high-tech tracking with a dash of style (and you don’t mind splurging a little), the LAFAYI Collar Combo might just be the cat’s meow for you.

#4 Joytale Airtag Holder

Joytale Airtag Holder

If you want to keep tabs on your feline adventurer with ease and style, this is the product you’ll want to snap up.

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Well, I recently had my hands on the Joytale Airtag Holder, and it’s quite the find! The silicone sleeve is so flexible; it was a breeze to slip it onto my cat’s collar.

And let’s talk about the aesthetics – the cute paw print design isn’t just adorable, it’s a practical way to prevent the AirTag from getting scratched.

What’s more, after my cat’s latest escape to the garden, the AirTag holder stood the test. It clung securely to her collar, no matter the acrobatics she pulled off out there. Cleaning is a dream, too.

A quick rinse, a dab with a paper towel, and you’re set – it’s like new again.

Now, I must admit, if your cat is rocking an ultra-thin collar, this holder might seem slightly more noticeable. But honestly, it hasn’t bothered my Fluffy in the slightest.

Just be mindful if your cat is a minute furball; this may look a tad large around their neck. And while the hot pink shade is quite vibrant, it would be nice to have more hues to choose from.

Taking everything into account, your cat’s safety is priceless, right? With the Joytale Airtag Holder, peace of mind is just a click away.

It’s not often you find a blend of practicality and cuteness that actually lasts beyond a few escapades in the backyard. So, give it a try and let your feline friend roam with confidence!

#5 Chic & Secure Cat Collar

Chic & Secure Cat Collar

If you’re a cat parent worried about your little explorer venturing too far, this collar provides a stylish solution with peace of mind.

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Your cat’s safety is paramount – that’s why you’d appreciate the secure yet comfortable fit of the Typecase waterproof cat collar.

I recently snapped one onto my feline friend, and it sat snugly without any sign of discomfort, thanks to the soft microfiber material.

And let me tell you, the breakaway buckle is a real deal-breaker for many. It gave me immense relief knowing that my cat would be safe from any potential entanglements.

Ever had that mini heart attack when you can’t spot your cat in the evening? The luminous and reflective fish pattern became a beacon of light that made spotting my furry buddy from across the garden a breeze.

Plus, fitting the collar was a clear-cut process. Coming in XS and S sizes, it was easy to find a comfortable fit for my petite tabby, and the zero hanging design ensured the AirTag stayed firmly in place without causing any annoyance.

However, it’s a bummer that you have to buy the AirTag separately. Also, if you have a really tiny kitten, you might want to double-check if the XS would be a snug fit.

Also, be prepared for the AirTag holder to appear a tad bulkier than your usual cat charm, although my cat didn’t seem to mind the added flair to her daily ensemble.

So, whether your kitty is the adventurous type or just loves to curl up on the window sill, this Typecase waterproof collar can give you peace of mind, increase the chances of finding them in a game of hide-and-seek, and adds a bit of zest to their wardrobe with our chic and secure Airtag case.

Just grab an AirTag, click it into the holder and watch your cat strut their stuff with the latest in pet safety fashion!

#6 Sweet Baby Co. Tag Holder

Sweet Baby Co. Tag Holder

If you’re in search of a sleek, non-intrusive way to keep tabs on your feline friend, this is a fantastic choice.

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Your curious cat’s adventures shouldn’t end in a lost pet poster. Introducing the tag holder from Sweet Baby Co. which forms a commendable companion to your cat’s collar.

Its low profile clings to the AirTag and the collar like it’s meant to be there, sitting subtly while doing its job.

You’ve probably had your share of pet accessories that either wear out in a month or turn your living room into an impromptu chew toy graveyard.

Rest easy; this tag holder’s robust silicone stands up to the wear-and-tear a spirited pet can induce. And yes, cleaning is a breeze—just a quick wipe and it looks as good as new.

Ever put a bell on your cat only to have it dangling annoyingly? Worry not, as this Sweet Baby Co. tag holder won’t be a pendulum on your pet’s neck.

Designed for half-inch collars, it stays in place, and the AirTag snugly fits, helping you to monitor your pet’s whereabouts without the extra weight or awkwardness.

Outdoor escapades or indoor hide-and-seeks, you’ll stay in the know. Available on Amazon for easy and convenient shipping.

So, how about it? Ready to blend tech with pet care seamlessly?

#7 SimpleThings Airtag Holder

SimpleThings Airtag Holder

Considering how sneaky our little feline friends can be, having this Airtag holder on their collar offers you peace of mind knowing your cat’s whereabouts.

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Cats are curious creatures, and their natural exploratory instincts can sometimes lead them astray.

The SimpleThings Airtag Holder, designed specifically for the Apple Airtag, has been a game-changer in keeping track of my whiskered wanderer, especially considering his new hobby of neighborhood expeditions.

Installation was a breeze; you simply slip the Airtag into the silicone casing and attach it to your cat’s collar.

During these escapades, durability is key. This holder has withstood the elements, and its waterproof capability has certainly been put to the test. Rain or shine, it remains intact.

Although it’s seemingly indestructible, life happens. My cat treats his collar like a new scratching post, which has left a few battle scars on the holder.

On the bright side, it’s held up well and the Airtag remains secure.

For those with chubby cats or bigger beasts, do note the size restriction.

Collars wider than 3/8 inches won’t fit, so measure up before you get your heart set on this one. But for the petite and slender-necked, it’s a perfect fit.

Overall, this holder’s simplicity is its strength: an unfussy design that does exactly what you need it to do without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

Speaking of unnecessary, while the minimalist design is a plus, tech lovers might find themselves wishing for extra functionality.

That said, when it comes to tracking your furry companions, what more could you really need? Its simplicity means less fiddling around with gadgetry and more time enjoying play or cuddle time with your pet.

In the end, if you’re tired of playing Sherlock Holmes every time your cat decides to go on an unannounced stroll, the SimpleThings Airtag Holder could be the perfect sidekick to your detective duo.

It’s form-fitting, durable, and above all, keeps you connected to your roaming furball.

Understanding Air Tags for Cats

Understanding Air Tags for Cats

Air Tags leverage GPS and Bluetooth technology to keep tabs on, well, anything, including your adventurous feline friend.

The Basics of Air Tag Technology

  • GPS:

    Provides real-time location tracking over vast distances.
  • Bluetooth:

    Enables close-range communication with your smartphone.
  • Adaptations for Cats:

    Smaller in size and designed to be durable enough to withstand their nine lives’ worth of escapades.

Curiosity won’t get the better of your cat with these tags. They’re crafted to be just the right size for Mr. Whiskers, and they’re tough – perfect for their tree-climbing or fence-scaling hobbies.

Benefits of Using Air Tags on Cats

Did you know? Each year, countless pets go missing. Stats punch in at a worrying number:

| Status | Number |————————–| | Pets Lost Annually | Millions

| Recovery w/ Technology | Increased chances

Imagine increasing your chances of reuniting with your kitty from slim to likely with the help of technology.

A Little Pawsitivity: A Case Study

Remember Whiskers who got a taste for adventure? Well, thanks to an Air Tag, his family found him two blocks down napping on a neighbor’s porch.

The Air Tag didn’t just save the day; it saved Whiskers’ nine lives for future escapades.

How to Set Up and Use an Air Tag for Cats

How to Set Up and Use an Air Tag for Cats

Installation and Setup

Curious about turning your cat into a tech-savvy feline? It’s easier than you think!

  1. Get a compatible collar:

    Ensure your cat’s collar has a secure loop or pouch to hold the AirTag.
  2. Attach the AirTag:

    Slide or snap the AirTag into place. It should fit snugly so it won’t fall out during your cat’s adventures.
  3. Pair with your phone:

    Open the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone. Hold the AirTag close to your device and follow the on-screen instructions to pair it.
    • Tip: Give it a name that’s easy to remember, like “Mittens Tracker.”

Using the Tracking Features

Now, let’s make sure you can find your whiskered wanderer at any time.

  • Real-time Tracking:

    Open the ‘Find My’ app and select your cat’s AirTag. You’ll see its location on the map. If they’re nearby, play a sound on the AirTag to guide you to them.
  • Geofence Setup:

    In the app, set up a “Safe Zone” for your cat. If they leave this area, you’ll receive an alert.

Practical Scenarios:

  • If Mittens loves garden escapades, she might stray further than you’d like. That’s when the real-time tracking is a godsend!
  • Midnight prowlers? The geofence will alert you if your feline friend breaks their curfew.

Remember, technology is cool, but always ensure your cat is comfortable and safe with their new tech accessory. Happy tracking!

Cost Considerations for Air Tags for Cats

Cost Considerations for Air Tags for Cats

Price Range of Different Air Tag Models

Remember, the more bells and whistles a model has, like longer battery life or extra range, the pricier it will be. But hey, if it helps you find your cat quickly, that’s pretty priceless, isn’t it?

Subscription Services and Hidden Fees

Now, let’s talk about the ongoing costs. Some of these trackers come with subscription services for advanced features:

  • Monthly Subscription: $3 to $10
  • Yearly Plan: $30 to $100

Here’s a real-life breakdown for annual expenses for a cat owner:

  • Air Tag (one-time purchase): $25 to $50
  • Subscription (if applicable): $30 to $100 annually

So, in the first year, you might be spending $55 to $150, depending on the model and subscription.

Following years will lighten your wallet by about $30 to $100 annually for subscription services, if you opt for them.

In the long run, these little gadgets could save you a lot on ‘Missing Cat’ posters and, let’s be real, on stress too.

Because no amount of money can match the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can quickly track down your adventurous kitty!

Are there hidden fees, you wonder? Mostly not, but always check the fine print.

Some brands might charge for replacement batteries or additional services like pet health monitoring. So, keep those eyes peeled!

Choosing the Right Air Tag for Your Cat

Choosing the Right Air Tag for Your Cat

When it comes to keeping tabs on your whiskered wanderer, an air tag can be a real game-changer. But hold on, have you thought about what makes one perfect for your cat?

It’s not just a techy accessory—it’s a peace-of-mind device. First things first, let’s compare GPS vs. Bluetooth:

  • GPS Air Tags:
    • Range: Superior, often unlimited with cellular service.
    • Accuracy: Pinpoint your cat’s location.
    • Battery Life: Generally shorter due to constant location tracking.
  • Bluetooth Air Tags:
    • Range: Limited, ideal for indoor or nearby tracking.
    • Accuracy: Less precise, good for general proximity.
    • Battery Life: Longer, since it’s not always updating the location.

But what about comfort? Your kitty’s neck is a premium spot—no random trinket should hang there. Size matters.

Opt for a lightweight and small tag that won’t turn your cat into a reluctant necklace model.

And hey, let’s talk about Durability and Comfort:

  • Materials: Soft silicone or lightweight plastic are go-tos for a cozy fit.
  • Water Resistance: For those unexpected cat adventures in the rain.

Case Study Alert:

Picture this – Mr. Whiskers tries on a bulky GPS tag. Result? A new cat statue in your living room. Now, swap it for a sleek Bluetooth tag. Ta-dah! Adventure cat is back. Lesson? Comfort is king.

So, remember:

  • Range and battery life are key – but only when your cat’s actually wearing the tag.
  • Keep it small and snug, like their favorite sunspot.
  • Go for materials that can take a cat wrestle or two. They’ve got nine lives; their air tag should at least aim for half that. Happy tagging!

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Cat Tracking

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Cat Tracking

Maximizing the Use of Air Tags

You’ve got your cat’s Air Tag setup, but how do you make the most of it? First, understand that Air Tags have a limited range.

They typically work within Bluetooth range, about 30-100 meters under clear conditions.

But don’t worry; if your cat wanders off, the Find My network can extend that reach significantly, making Air Tags a great option for keeping track of your feline friend.

Maximizing the use of Air Tags means understanding their limited range and utilizing the Find My network to extend their reach.

Integrating Air Tags into Your Daily Routine

Got a routine? Incorporate daily checks of your cat’s Air Tag to ensure it’s always working when you need it.

Try syncing the check with another daily task, like feeding time or your morning coffee, so it becomes second nature.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If your Air Tag and cat’s expected location aren’t on speaking terms, consider these solutions to common connectivity problems:

  • Ensure your own device is up to date.
  • Restart your phone or tablet.
  • Briefly disconnect and reconnect the Air Tag from your device. (2)

Battery Care Tips

Maintenance is key. An Air Tag’s battery generally lasts a full year. Here’s what to keep an eye on:

  • Performance dips might indicate it’s time for a new battery.
  • Battery replacement alerts will pop up on your connected device.

Remember, the sooner you replace a dying battery, the less chance there is of losing track of your adventurous feline friend.

Keep these tips in mind, and you and your cat can enjoy a stress-free and connected life!

The Ethics and Safety of Tracking Pets

The Ethics and Safety of Tracking Pets

Let’s chat about air tags for cats and touch on some important points related to ethics and safety.

Privacy and Data Security Concerns You wouldn’t want your personal details out in the wild, right? Likewise, your cat’s whereabouts are sensitive data.

Good news: Air tags come with security measures to protect this info. Here’s a little breakdown of why you can have peace of mind:

  • Encryption: Your cat’s location data is scrambled up to avoid unwanted access.
  • Anonymous IDs: Air tags broadcast using IDs that frequently change, so your cat’s trail isn’t so easy to follow by prying eyes.

Safe for Paws and Whiskers? Absolutely! Air tags are non-intrusive, and they don’t come with any sharp edges or heavy parts — it’s just a lightweight tag hitching a ride on your cat’s collar.

Vets give a thumbs up, acknowledging that when used properly, these tracking devices don’t harm your pets. So, you can keep an eye on your curious cat with ease.

Balancing Freedom with Safety Here are a few nuggets on how to strike that balance responsibly:

  • Place the air tag on a breakaway collar to prevent potential snags.
  • Use tracking with a touch of moderation – let your furry friend have their unsupervised adventures, too.

Veterinarian Insights Some vets suggest that tracking devices can actually reduce stress for both pets and owners. No statistics or case studies just simple common sense.

As long as the tracker isn’t causing your cat discomfort, it could be a helpful tool to keep them from becoming one of the many lost pet statistics.

Remember, tech is cool, but the ethical use of it is cooler. Keep your cat’s best interest at heart, and you’ll both be purring in contentment!

User Experiences and Reviews

User Experiences and Reviews

Here’s how an Air Tag might just become your new best friend—or rather, your cat’s guardian angel.

Real-Life Stories and Testimonials

  • Sally from Seattle:

    “My adventure-loving tabby, Susi, almost gave me a heart attack when he went missing for hours. Slapped an Air Tag on his collar, and voila! Found him chilling in a neighbor’s garage.”
  • Tom’s Tidbit:

    “Tried the Air Tag with my kitty, Bubbles. Though she’s just a couch potato, the one time she got out, tracking her down was a breeze.”

Expert Opinions and Recommendations

  • Dr. Feline Care, DVM:

    “As a vet, I’m all for preventive measures. An Air Tag can help ensure your furball doesn’t vanish for good.”
  • Tech Savvy Magazine:

    “With precision down to inches, the Air Tag is a handy tool for pet owners, though ensuring the cat keeps it on is another ball game.”

Consumer Reviews VS Professional Opinions: A Quick Comparison

  • Pet owners praise the ease of use and peace of mind.
  • Professionals acknowledge the technology’s effectiveness, with a slight nudge on keeping the tech cat-proof.

Ease of Finding:

  • Lost cat in the backyard? Piece of cake.
  • A feline explorer in the neighborhood? A stress-free hunt.

Remember, while an Air Tag could be your sidekick in feline reconnaissance, nothing beats a secure home and watchful eye.

It seems that wish might just have been granted. Keep track of your keys and your whiskered wanderer’s whereabouts with the help of an Air Tag attached to their collar or your backpack.

Want to keep your heart rate low and your cat in sight? An Air Tag could be your answer.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

With so many options out there, it’s vital to know what features to look for. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Size Matters

Your cat’s comfort is key. Look for a tag that is:

  • Small and lightweight: It shouldn’t bother your furry friend.
  • Durable: It must withstand those crazy cat antics!

Battery Life

Ever had your phone die at the worst possible moment? No fun, right? Ensure the tag has:

  • Long battery life: The longer, the better!
  • Replaceable or rechargeable: Saves you from buying a new tag too often.


Whether your cat loves to lurk in the garden or prowl the neighborhood, keep these in mind:

  • Effective range: Longer ranges mean less worry.
  • Alert system: It should notify you when your cat wanders too far.


Your tech should play nice together. Make sure the tag is:

  • Compatible with your smartphone.
  • Easy-to-use app: For stress-free tracking.

Here’s a quick checklist for you:

FeatureWhy It Matters
SizeComfort and wearability for your cat.
Battery LifeConvenience and continuous monitoring.
RangeKeeps tabs on your cat’s whereabouts.
CompatibilitySmooth operation with your existing devices.

Remember, the best tag is one that fits your and your cat’s lifestyle perfectly. Keep these pointers in mind and you’ll find the right tag in no time! Happy cat hunting (well, not literally)!

Quick Recap

Quick Recap - air tag for cats

Have you ever thought about how air tags could be a game changer for your cat’s safety? Let’s whisker through the main points:

  • Benefits:

    Air tags are fantastic for keeping tabs on your feline friend. With real-time tracking, you’ll know if Mr. Whiskers decides to go on an unexpected adventure. It’s peace of mind in a small, attachable device.
  • Setup:

    It’s a breeze! Just pair the air tag with your smartphone, attach it to your cat’s collar, and you’re set to go. No tech degree required!
  • Cost Considerations:

    They won’t break the bank. While there’s an upfront cost for the tag and perhaps a collar attachment, there aren’t ongoing fees. It’s a small price to pay for a big leap in pet protection.
  • Ethical Aspects:

    Keep it considerate! Make sure the device is comfy for your cat and respect others’ privacy by ensuring it’s used only for tracking your pet.

Remember, you’re not just buying a gadget; you’re investing in your cat’s well-being. Curious about the tech specifics or how to optimize your air tag system?

Stay updated with the latest pet tech to make an informed decision. Keep your cat’s curiosity safe, and your mind at ease!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s jump right into some of the most common queries cat owners have about using Air Tags on their pets.

Can Air Tags be Used on Small Cats?

Absolutely! Air Tags are lightweight and compact, making them suitable for even petite kitties.

Just ensure you attach the tag to a comfortable collar that fits securely on your cat.

What to Do if the Air Tag Gets Lost?

No need to panic. Firstly, check the last known location on your paired device.

If still missing, use the Lost Mode in the Find My app, which will notify you when it’s detected by the vast network of devices in the system.

Are Air Tags Safe for Cats to Wear?

Yes, they are! Air Tags are designed without any sharp edges and are small enough to be safely attached to your cat’s collar.

Just make sure the collar has a breakaway feature for your cat’s safety.

How Accurate are GPS Air Tags for Cats?

While Air Tags utilize Bluetooth, not GPS, they still offer impressive accuracy.

They can guide you to within feet of your cat using the vast Find My network.

Do Air Tags Work Indoors?

You bet they do!

Air Tags rely on Bluetooth signals, which can penetrate walls, although the range may be reduced inside buildings depending on the layout and materials used.

Can Air Tags Monitor My Cat’s Health?

Air Tags aren’t designed to monitor health—they track location.

For health monitoring, you’ll need a specialized pet health tracker.

How Long Does the Battery Last on a Cat Air Tag?

You’ll get a notification when it’s time to replace the battery, so you won’t be caught off guard.


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